How To Change/Correct Wrong Name On United Airline Ticket?

Change name On united ticket

Do you like to correct the spelling error on your United Airlines ticket? If so, you are in the right forum. The following information is required in order to understand United airlines ticket name change policy. The purpose of the policy is to provide passengers with freedom and ease while changing their wrong name. Travelers seeking to change their name must, however, abide by a few laws and guidelines. 

Considerations For The Name Change of United Airlines

The following United airlines ticket name change policy considerations must be made before you begin the name change procedure:

  • 016 must be the first number on the ticket inventory.
  • Passengers may change their names significantly, but they will always need to show their official government identity card.
  • You may change the name through online or physical channels, according to the policy.
  • Any changes made within a day of the reservation will cost you about $75.
  • Moreover, you would need to spend over $200 if you want to change your name after 24 hours after making your reservation.

How Can I Change the Name on My United Airlines Flight Ticket?

Through the official website, you can start the name correction process online. You have to get in touch with United Airlines customer service to change a name.

United Change Traveler Name Via Online

To start the online name modification process, adhere to the detailed instructions below:

  • To begin with, navigate to the My Trips option on the official United Airlines website.
  • After that, enter your last name and the six-digit confirmation code. To view the reservation, click the Search icon.
  • Once you have accessed your reservation, click on Name Correction.
  • Then, start the name correction request by following the given instructions. It could be necessary to supply the accurate name or necessary paperwork for this. 
  • Before submitting, make sure the information you just gave is accurate by checking it.

Changing Your Name Over the Phone

Follow the guidelines below to contact United Airlines customer service to request a name change.

  • Explain your situation to the airline representative and ask that the name on the ticket be changed when you speak with them.
  • Give all the necessary information, including the name that appears on your ticket and the booking confirmation number. 
  • Give a justification for the name change and substantiate it with official documents, such as a divorce decree, marriage license, or court order.
  • Request that the agent handle your request after you have paid the relevant United Airlines name change cost. 
  • Then, start the name correction request by following the given instructions. It could be necessary to supply the accurate name or necessary paperwork for this. 

Name Correction Via Airport

You can use the more conventional approach and go to the closest airport if you feel uneasy making your name change request over the phone or online and would rather have help in person. You can get assistance with the name change procedure from the United Airlines agent. You should describe the problem you are having, and don’t forget to bring legitimate documentation. Recall that you need to request a name change at least 24 hours before you depart. 

Important Paperwork for the Name Change of United Airlines

You should have the following documentation on hand to support your request for a name change:

  • A legitimate ID issued by the government, such as a passport or driver’s license.
  • You will need to provide a divorce decree or marriage license if the name change is the consequence of a marriage or divorce.
  • In order to support its desire for a legal name change, the airline may seek a court judgment. wrong name on United airline ticket
  • You might need to provide further paperwork, such as a birth certificate or guardianship papers, in order to request a wrong name on United airline ticket. 

Which Channels Can I Use to Contact United Airlines Customer Service?

It’s really easy to speak with a live agent at an airline. You can contact customer service in a number of ways to get your questions resolved, including: 

Phone: The airline agent can also be reached by phone at their official number. If you have any questions about the United airlines ticket name change, cancellations, or booking issues, agents are on hand 24 hours a day. 

Email: Travelers can send emails to the official United Airlines customer service email address. To ensure that the staff can respond to your questions as soon as possible, the subject line must contain your name, the date of your trip, and your ticket number. 

Chat: Via the United Airlines website or mobile app, customers can have a live conversation with an agent 24/7. Chat is another tool you can use to check on the progress of your flight or make ticket changes. 

Is a Middle Name Required For United Airlines To Board A Plane?

No, when you purchase tickets with United Airlines, you are not required to give a middle name. Additionally, when making a reservation, travelers are welcome to provide their middle name, however it is not necessary. Simply leave the middle name field blank if, in compliance with United change traveler name policy, you do not have a middle name at the time of booking.


Please be aware that small name changes on United tickets could be made without documentation. Major name changes, however, invariably need for formal documentation. The purpose of United Airlines ticket name change policy is to help passengers who are experiencing issues with their flight reservations because of their name. As such, a thorough understanding of the policy is required. You can contact the customer service department of United Airlines at 1-800-UNITED-1 or visit the airline’s official website for further information. If you have any trouble reaching them, you can call the consolidation desk at +1-800-865-1848 to get the help you need.

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