How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like WhatsApp?

app development like WhatsApp

With billions of active users, WhatsApp has become one of the best messaging apps to dominate the social media environment since its inception. Seeing its popularity, major startups and enterprises have started investing in similar apps.

But something is always lacking in hundreds of messaging apps available out there. Users want something extraordinary. Hence, there is a scope to create a custom messaging app that offers a safer and better messaging experience to the users.  The first question that comes into the mind of anyone looking to create a messaging app like WhatsApp is how much will such a chat app cost.

In this article, we aim to answer that by helping you have a clear picture of the WhatsApp development cost. We will also discuss the different factors that affect a WhatsApp-like messaging app development cost.

What Is the Cost of Developing a WhatsApp-Like App?

The rough cost of a WhatsApp-like app development can be anywhere between $35000 and $250000. This cost is impacted by different factors, such as the app design, the platform it’s designed for, its development process, hourly development rates, location, and more. The app development cost can also vary according to the location and skills of the top app developers New York you hire for the project. Moreover, WhatsApp has added many advanced features to its app, like Camera filters, WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp UPI payments, etc.  These features together have raised the bar high for other similar apps, thus raising the overall app development budget.

Factors That Affect the Costs of Developing Chat Apps Like WhatsApp

Making a robust and well-defined WhatsApp-like application needs professional expertise along with dedicated business models. Every feature and technology integrated into the app impacts its overall development cost. Below are the factors that can influence your development budget:

UX/UI Design

 A properly defined UX/UI design is vital for your mobile app’s success while making ways for boosted user retention and engagement. Making a customized UX/UI strategy requires various testing parameters that further affect the overall app development budget.

App Complexity

The app’s complexity directly impacts the WhatsApp-like app development costs. A simple messaging app with basic features will cost you lesser compared to an app having lots of features and a highly complicated design.

App Platform

Before you choose the app development procedure, it is vital to choose the app platform. Depending on the user base, you may select between Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps. Even if there is a negligible difference in cost between creating Android and iOS apps, the former can raise the application development costs as per the strict testing methods needed. Conversely, selecting cross-platform mobile app development can also increase the development budget.

Team Size

Another factor that impacts the cost of such an app’s development is team size. Outsourcing your project is generally more affordable than hiring staff in-house. Moreover, you can optimize the cost if you outsource the development to a country where the development cost is lower. They can provide you with professional skills and expertise at reduced costs.

Moreover, hiring an in-house staff can be a daunting process because you will need to undergo a lengthy process for hiring and handling everything from scratch. Outsourcing WhatsApp-like app development to dedicated software developers Dubai can offer you the needed resources in no time.

Tech Stack

 A robust tech stack for mobile app development also impacts the app development cost. WhatsApp has become the best and most popular messaging app worldwide with an increasing user base. This app is backed by a whole stack of technology that keeps the innovation level intact. This also impacts the development cost.


The features included in the app also impact the WhatsApp-like application development cost. Creating an app with a wide feature list can provide you the required edge in this otherwise highly competitive social media landscape.


The app development procedure does not end when you launch your app in app stores. You need to make significant efforts to make sure that it works on every platform smoothly. Besides this, integrating modern technologies and offering continuous updates according to the market needs also helps in the overall success of the app. Each of these factors contributes to the rising development costs.

Now that you’ve an understanding of the different factors that affect the cost of WhatsApp-like app development, let’s find out how to develop a messaging app.

How to Develop a WhatsApp-Like Messaging App?

While planning to create a WhatsApp-like messaging app, you must have an outline of the whole development process before you begin with the development process. Follow the steps below to create a WhatsApp clone application:

  • Select an appropriate business model that associates well with your WhatsApp-like app idea. The model should include factors such as the monetization process, target audience, competitors, app value, and more.
  • Reach out to the top app developers New York to guide you throughout the development process. Outsourcing development can get you many benefits. They work on flexible modes and the deadlines and requirements are generally met timely with outsourced teams.
  • You should ensure to consider the location of your development team.
  • Begin with creating the architecture of the app. Get familiar with the core architecture of the WhatsApp app and find out what runs in its background. Try to include helpful communication systems for the sustainability of the app.
  • Ensure to add MVP features so that the app looks like a tailored app that is well-suited to your needs. The above features are vital functionalities of any basic WhatsApp-like messaging app.  You can add customized features also.
  • The basic module should be designed similarly to the messaging app core. The design of the app is your product’s face. From icons to color fonts, ensure your app looks attractive to your audience.

If you have an exclusive business idea and want to create an app like WhatsApp, you should go ahead. If your app idea is capable of providing an outstanding user experience, you should invest in the messaging app ecosystem. Rushkar Technology has an expert arsenal of

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