Custom Printed Magnetic Boxes: Branding and Personalization in Packaging

Nowadays packaging has become an important part of all products being able to protect them and advertise them. Many different types of packaging exist as there are many different types of products. These packaging types have their unique features which make them suitable for different products.

Custom printed magnetic boxes are a packaging type that allows a customer to have a premium unboxing experience which can elevate the value of a brand. The boxes are good for high end items and get made using sturdy materials. You can get them in non-collapsible and collapsible versions.

The following discusses branding and personalization when it comes to magnetic closure boxes:

Brand logo

When using these boxes for branding purposes, it is necessary to include your brand logo on them. Businesses design logos which their customers will remember and which they can notice on a crowded store shelf or online when shopping. This is so that customers can easily find out the products from the company.

On these boxes you will include your brand logo in a position where it is prominent. You can find some of these boxes that only have an attractive logo on them and still look outstanding.

You may add your brand’s tagline on the packaging as well as this can help with increasing brand recognition.

Brand colors

Another way to pursue branding with the help of packaging is to include your brand colors on the box. When people know what your brand colors are, they can associate your brand with them.

Choose brand colors that will signify what your brand believes in and follows. For instance if you own a luxury brand, you can include colors like black, purple, etc. as your brand colors that you include on all of your packaging.

Strong packaging

To help with letting your company stand out in the industry, it is important that you get packaging which is strong. The customer needs to receive the product in excellent condition and a sturdy box is able to help do this.

Generally this packaging is regarded as being strong but when making it, you should choose sturdy packaging materials for it. The box must be right is size and shape also if you want it to keep the product safe from movement or congestion. Cardboard magnetic closure boxes are a good option to choose as cardboard is a strong material which you can mold so that it can be made into the perfect size and shape.

Design for your target audience

If you want to personalize the packaging, you can design it in a way that it will appeal to your target audience directly. It is possible to create unique packaging like this.

For example if you are placing jewelry for ladies in the printed magnetic closure boxes, the packaging design should be one that appeals to ladies. It should look like it is storing a product that is of a high-quality. Packaging that is elegant and sophisticated can be suited here.

Finishing options to choose

To create personalized packaging which stands out, you can consider adding attractive finishing on the packaging to make it attract. There are different options that you can choose according to the impression you want to give.

Textured packaging is one that will give customers a good experience. With this it is possible for a brand to add their design texture upon paperboard. The customer will like it when they are touching the box.

Embossing and debossing can be considered. Debossing will involve an image pressed into the box and embossing will involve the packaging having a raised surface. The method is able to give an illusion that sections of the custom magnetic closure boxes are lifted when in fact they are not. Your printed design will be able to appear more elegant with this finishing option.

Color options

Apart from including your brand colors, you can add other colors which will attract your target audience. Colors can make packaging look good when you add the right amount of these. It is better to select colors according to what they signify.

For example if you want to give the image of royalty, you can include the color purple on the packaging which will be able to suggest this effectively.

When you design magnetic closure packaging uniquely and aim to pursue branding and personalization, it is possible to get packaging which will look outstanding and be prominent. You will be able to let people notice your product when its packaging is designed well therefore encouraging them to want to observe it closer and buy it.  Therefore packaging can help increase sales because it is usually the first impression that you will be giving shoppers of your brand and product as well. By making packaging give a good impression, you can promote your brand.

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