Why is the FOCO franchise business model so well-liked in India?

Why FOCO is becoming a popular business model and why you should invest in one. 

A franchise is a whole universe of business. It’s critical to comprehend the FOCO concept and how you can use it to launch your entrepreneurial career because it’s quickly becoming a very popular franchise business opportunity. 

A typical business model is franchising, in which a franchisee pays a fee to obtain the right to open an outlet of the parent company. Entrepreneurs must thoroughly understand the many franchise models on the market and select the one that best suits them before putting their money in one. 

The FOCO model, the COCO model, the COFO model, and the FOFO model are some of the various franchise business models. The FOCO model has become the most popular option out of all of these. 

This article will discuss the FOCO franchise business model’s appeal in India. 

How Does the FOCO Model Operate in India?

The “Franchise Owned, Company Operated” franchise business model is known as the “FOCO model.” According to this business model, the franchisee, who is in charge of all capital expenditures, owns the business property. However, the parent franchising corporation is in charge of running the business location. 

Simply said, a franchisee is an investor who finances the franchisor’s business plan in exchange for a portion of the pre-determined income and profit generated. 

Since the firm manages the operations of every shop, the FOCO model preserves brand uniformity in operations and services. This is the key factor behind the FOCO business model’s incredibly prosperous business operations. 

What makes a FOCO franchise concept superior to other company models? 

Like any other business model in franchising, the foco franchise model stands out as being the one that is most quickly picked, which is evident from the numerous advantages that come with owning one.

The advantages of purchasing a FOCO model in India are listed below.

  • First, assured returns

The franchisee receives a guaranteed pre-fixed percentage of profits under an FOCO business model. As a result, business owners can profit by choosing the FOCO model. The income and profit split between the franchisor and franchisee is outlined in the franchise agreement that both sides signed at the beginning of the partnership. 

  • No operations expenses or obligations

The operating choices and obligations of the franchise outlet are not the franchisee’s concern. Additionally, he should not be concerned about the store’s operating expenses. The corporation handles all of the outlet’s operations. 

All additional responsibilities for managing the outlet pass to the corporation once the franchisee makes the necessary investment in the outlet and other capital expenses. As a result, a franchisee partner’s investment is hassle-free. 

  • 3. No need to hire or train new employees

The franchisee is relieved of the responsibility of hiring and training employees for the outlet in accordance with the company’s operating manual. Training and hiring new employees fall under the operational responsibility that must be handled by the business using a FOCO model. 

It is one of the factors that leads business owners to choose a FOCO franchise. 

Can Handle Multiple Businesses. 

The majority of business owners who choose a FOCO franchise have numerous businesses or other sources of income. They can make the desired investment as the outlet’s owner and leave the remainder of their job with the company under this arrangement, which works best for them. 

The FOCO model has additionally shown to be a model that the parent business wants to use when offering franchising opportunities. Why do franchisors choose a FOCO model? 

Case studies: The top franchises using the FOCO model 

Here are some case examples to help you understand the advantages of investing in an Indian foco model.

  • The flavor of the cloud 

The Taste of Cloud is an Indian branch of the cloud cooking concept. It offers business owners low-cost franchising options based on the FOCO model. Their mission is to assist businesspeople in realizing their ambition of opening a cloud kitchen in India. Customers’ culinary experiences are believed to be improved by the flavor of cloud, which is known to bring a variety of food and beverage brands to a single kitchen. 

There are currently 5 profitable FOCO model franchises for the company in Delhi NCR, Gurugram, and Jaipur. The fact that every franchise outlet has a solid return on investment adds to the legitimacy of its business model. 

  • McDonald’s 

In 1940, an international American fast-food franchise called McDonald’s was established in California, USA. In India, it is the preferred fast food brand. Ray Kroc, the company’s creator, dedicates McDonald’s enormous popularity to the FOCO model franchisees. 

A very sizable network of prosperous franchisee partners has helped the business establish McDonald’s as a household name. 

  • Winni Cakes 

Winni Cakes and its FOCO model franchise partners have grown to become India’s second-largest gifting platform since the company’s founding in 2013. A vast variety of products, ranging from cakes and cards to flowers and other gift items, are offered by Winni Cakes and More, an online gifting platform. 

Winni, which began offering delivery services just in Bangalore, has already amassed 20 million+ happy clients worldwide. 

One of the most lucrative FOCO model franchising opportunities is offered by Winni to businesspeople who want to open their own Winni locations. 


Every company strategy is recognized to have benefits and drawbacks of its own. However, a business decision is deemed successful if it leans more toward the positives. 

Regardless matter whether the business is profitable or incurs a loss, the franchisee receives a guaranteed return on investment under the FOCO model. 

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