Why Choose an Online Flooring Store for Your Next Home Renovation

online flooring store

Renovating your home can be an exciting yet daunting task. One of the most important design elements in any renovation is selecting new flooring. With so many options to choose from like hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet, deciding on the right flooring can be overwhelming. More and more homeowners are turning to online flooring stores to purchase their new floors during renovations. Here’s why an online flooring store should be your first stop when shopping for new floors.

Convenience and Selection

The number one reason to use an online flooring store is the convenience and selection they offer. At an online store, you can shop for floors at any time of day in your pajamas if you’d like! Physical flooring showrooms are only open during business hours and usually have limited inventory on hand.

Online flooring retailers offer a huge selection of flooring that spans all different types, brands, colors, styles, and price points. An expansive online catalog makes it easy to find the perfect floors for your home renovation vision. No more running from store to store only to find they don’t have what you’re looking for. At an online flooring store, thousands of flooring options are just a few clicks away.

Order Samples and Visualizer Tools

High-quality online flooring stores understand that you can’t make a final flooring decision without seeing samples first. That’s why the best online retailers offer free flooring samples so you can get a feel for the product in person. Ordering samples is hassle-free – just select the floors you’re interested in and the retailer will ship them directly to your door.

Once your samples arrive, most online flooring stores also provide virtual visualizer tools on their websites. Upload a photo of the room you’re renovating and the tool will enable you to see how different floors will look in the space. Order a few samples and experiment with the visualizer to narrow down your options. This makes the selection process much easier than just guessing how a floor will look or relying on small in-store samples.

Read Reviews and Get Advice

When shopping at a physical flooring store, you’re limited to the advice of the sales associates and there’s no way to get unbiased reviews of the floors. Online flooring retailers provide tons of ways to get helpful insights during the research process.

Read through customer reviews on the website to see firsthand accounts of how satisfied other homeowners were after installing the floors. Live chat features give you the ability to chat with flooring experts in real-time to get advice. Many sites also have forums, blogs, guides, and inspiration galleries you can browse. All these resources will point you in the right direction so you choose the best floors for your home renovation.

Affordable Prices and Financing Options

Flooring is a significant investment, so getting the most bang for your buck is key. Online flooring stores are able to offer very competitive pricing that beats out local showrooms. This is because online retailers have lower overhead without the costs of brick-and-mortar locations. The savings get passed onto customers.

Many online stores also have exclusive promotions and sales on floors that you won’t find anywhere else. Sign up for email newsletters so you never miss a discount on the floors you have your eye on. Plus, most online flooring retailers offer financing options like 0% interest financing or payment plans. This makes new floors more affordable by splitting up payments over time. Local stores simply can’t compete on price or financing offers.

Professional Installation Services

Purchasing floors online is the easy part, but installing them can be hard work, especially if you’re replacing floors throughout an entire home. The great news is that online flooring stores have you covered when it comes to professional installation.

After you place your flooring order, you’ll have the option to schedule installation through qualified professionals recommended by the retailer. This takes the stress off you and ensures the floors are properly installed by experienced installers. Installation services can even be bundled into financing plans for one easy payment. DIY installation is totally fine too – many online retailers have helpful videos and guides if you want to tackle the install yourself.

Low-Price Guarantee

One major perk offered by some online flooring stores is a low-price guarantee. This guarantees you’ll pay the lowest price for your floors versus other retailers. If you happen to find the identical floors priced lower somewhere else, just notify the online store and they’ll refund you the difference.

A low-price guarantee gives you peace of mind that you’re getting the best possible deal. Be sure to look for this when comparing different online flooring retailers.

Quick Shipping Nationwide

Once you’ve selected your floors, the next question is how quickly you’ll get them delivered. One of the major advantages of ordering floors online is the fast shipping timeframes. Some online retailers even provide same-day shipping on their in-stock inventory.

Standard shipping typically takes 5-7 business days direct to your doorstep. No need to borrow a truck or trailer to bring heavy flooring materials home from a store. Flooring ships conveniently via freight delivery nationwide right to your renovation project.

Online flooring delivers much faster than waiting weeks for special order materials to arrive at local showrooms. Speedy shipping means you can complete your renovation sooner.

Easy Returns and Warranties

Life happens and sometimes flooring materials don’t work out as planned. That’s why the best online flooring stores offer flexible return policies in case you need to send anything back. Standard return windows are around 30 days from the date of delivery.

For extra protection, online retailers also provide manufacturer warranties that guarantee the quality and performance of the floors for years after installation. Manufacturer warranties give you peace of mind that any defects will be covered. Be sure to register your warranty by submitting your order details online.

Design Inspiration and Flooring Ideas

In addition to all the practical benefits of ordering floors online, browsing virtual catalogs can also provide tons of design inspiration. Flip through the many styles and colors to discover floors you never would have considered. Seeing new flooring options can help spark creativity for your renovation.

Lifestyle imagery and room photos shared by online retailers do more than showcase products – they give you ideas for decorating and remodeling. Let the flooring galleries stir your creative juices as you envision the possibilities for your floors. Online stores are full of inspiration you won’t find in a showroom.

Start Your Flooring Search Online

As you can see, purchasing floors from internet retailers has almost every advantage over shopping locally. Convenience, selection, affordability, fast shipping, easy installation, and design inspiration are just a few of the reasons to start your flooring search online.

The next time you’re planning a home renovation requiring new floors, an online flooring store should be the first stop on your journey. Browse top brands, order samples, visualize floors, read reviews, and click to purchase your perfect floors all from the comfort of home. With an exceptional digital shopping experience and selections not found in stores, an online retailer has everything you need to make your flooring dreams a reality.

Top Tips for Selecting Flooring Online

Convinced it’s wise to buy floors from an online store? Here are some top tips for choosing flooring online during your home renovation:

Carefully Measure Your Floor Spaces

The most important step is to carefully measure the square footage of the rooms you’ll be installing new floors in. Use a measuring tape to get exact room dimensions. Measure wall-to-wall for floor spaces like living rooms. For rooms with complex layouts like kitchens, divide the space into smaller rectangles for easier measuring. Calculate the square footage of each section then add them together.

Having accurate measurements is crucial for ordering the proper flooring quantities from your online retailer.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle and how you use your home when selecting floors. Active families with kids and pets are better suited for durable, easy-to-clean surfaces like waterproof vinyl plank floors. Home chefs may prefer the sleek look of wood-like ceramic tile in kitchens.

Factor in your climate too. In damp regions, moisture-resistant floors like laminate are ideal to prevent warping. Calculate the amount of traffic certain spaces get to determine wear and tear. Your lifestyle habits will guide you to the best flooring types.

Create a Budget

Set a budget for your flooring project based on measurements and your preferred flooring material. Measurement totals multiplied by price per square foot of flooring gives you an accurate budget number. Keep some extra contingency funds on hand too.

Having a clear budget before you start virtually shopping prevents you from overspending and keeps your focus only on floors you can realistically afford. Remember to budget for additional supplies like underlayment, trim, and accessories too.

Order Samples

Once you’ve narrowed down your flooring search, order free samples from the online retailer. Samples are generally around 4 inches by 4 inches and ship for free right to your door so you can inspect them. Comparing color, texture, and finish options side-by-side makes it easier to make final decisions.

Check the Warranty

Read through the product descriptions and specs to understand the warranty that comes with the flooring. Most quality floors will have a warranty of around 15-30 years. Make sure the warranty covers defects and performance issues. Manufacturers like Shaw, Mohawk, and Mannington are known for exceptional warranties.

Read Customer Reviews

Don’t underestimate the value of reading through customer reviews on the flooring you’re considering. Sort reviews to read the lowest-rated ones to see specific issues brought up by homeowners after installing the floors. This gives you fair warning of any downsides or vulnerabilities of certain floors.

Consider Ordering Extras

Calculate about 5-10% overage into your order for miscuts and unusable planks. If flooring will be installed on multiple levels, add extra to account for stair nose transitions. Consider ordering extras like moldings and stair treads to finish off flooring installations.

Choose Professional Installation

Professional flooring installation is highly recommended, especially for first-timers. Replacing floors throughout an entire home is an ambitious project best left to qualified flooring installers versus DIY. Take advantage of convenient pro installation add-ons offered by online retailers.

Popular Types of Flooring for Home Renovations

Now that you know where to buy floors online and helpful tips for ordering, let’s explore the most popular flooring options for renovations:

Hardwood Floors

Nothing beats the timeless look and value of genuine hardwood floors. Oak, walnut, maple, and hickory woods bring warmth and character to homes. New engineered wood floors are more moisture-resistant than solid wood, making them suitable for kitchens and baths. Expect to pay $3-$15 per square foot installed.

Laminate Wood Floors

Laminate flooring replicates the look of real wood at a more affordable price point. These floors consist of photographic prints adhered to composite wood cores. Laminate resists moisture, stains, and scratches while providing the wood aesthetic. Laminate costs $1-$5 installed per square foot.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Vinyl plank floors mimic the visuals of wood or stone with extra durability. Made from PVC, vinyl is completely waterproof and ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Planks snap or float into place without glue. Luxury vinyl runs $2-$7 per square foot.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

For a classic, durable floor, tile is a top contender. Porcelain tile is more stain and water-resistant than ceramic and holds up better in high-traffic areas. Tile runs $3-$15 per square foot installed, depending on type and size. Hiring a speciality tile pro is recommended.


Carpet adds softness underfoot and insulation. The wide range of textures, patterns, and colors makes it versatile design-wise. Opt for premium nylon or wool fibers in high-traffic areas. Carpet prices range from $2-7 per square foot installed. Professional carpet installers can seamlessly fit wall-to-wall carpeting.

Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring

Keep the following key factors in mind as you browse different flooring options online for your home renovation:

Traffic and Usage

Think about the amount of foot traffic the space will get. Entryways and family rooms need floors made for heavy daily wear. Choose more durable options like vinyl plank or tile over carpeting. For adult bedrooms that see gentler use, plush carpeting is suitable.

Moisture Resistance

If moisture is a concern, forego hardwoods for an inherently waterproof floor like luxury vinyl planks. Tile and laminate resist moisture better than wood too. Even engineered wood can stand up to spills and humidity when sealed properly during installation.

Noise Reduction

Do you need floors that reduce noise from overhead stomping or appliance hums? Carpeting absorbs noise while providing comfort underfoot. Well-constructed vinyl and laminate also have noise-reducing layers built-in. Solid hardwoods tend to echo sounds the most.


Household allergies benefit from easy-to-clean hard surfaces like vinyl and tile which won’t trap dust and allergens. Look for carpet with antimicrobial treatment to inhibit mold and bacteria growth when vacuumed regularly. Hardwood can aggravate allergies if not cleaned frequently.

Ease of Installation

Some flooring types are better suited for DIY installation than others. Floating vinyl plank floors snap together without glue or nails. Laminate flooring utilizes tongue-and-groove locking systems as well for DIY-friendly installation. Pre-cut mosaic sheet vinyl is another easy install. Leave intricate tile layouts and wall-to-wall carpeting to the pros.

Climate Conditions

Hot and humid climates call for flooring that can withstand moisture and expand/contract with temperature changes. Vinyl, tile, and laminate hold up better than natural wood floors which can warp or buckle. Homes in extremely cold regions benefit from insulated floors that don’t feel too cold underfoot – carpet and vinyl planks are great options.

Considering these factors will guide you towards the ideal floors for the rooms in your home. Be sure to also evaluate the style, color, and budget components when making your final decision.

Popular Flooring Brands

For long-lasting, quality flooring, stick with top brands that offer warranties and decades of flooring experience. Here are a few of the most popular and reputable flooring manufacturers sold online:

Shaw Floors

One of the largest flooring companies in the world, Shaw carries a vast selection of carpet, hardwood, laminate, resilient vinyl, and tile. Known for stain-resistant carpeting, Shaw’s Flo Origami vinyl flooring is an exciting new waterproof product.

Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk is another flooring leader specializing in hard surfaces and soft textures for residential and commercial spaces. Its SmartStrand carpet resists stains while the RevWood line mimics realistic wood looks. Mohawk’s products come backed by solid warranties.

Mannington Floors

Family-owned since 1915, Mannington offers flooring across all categories from environmentally-conscious collections. Its premium laminate line rivals the look of real wood. Mannington’s vinyl options range from planks to colorful sheet formats.

Armstrong Flooring

With over 150 years of expertise, Armstrong is a trusted flooring brand found in millions of homes. Known for its innovative vinyl floors, Armstrong also carries quality hardwood, laminate, linoleum, and bio-flooring options.

Pergo Flooring

Pergo manufactures laminate wood floors that stand up beautifully to everyday life thanks to its AquaSafe waterproofing technology. Pergo’s SimpleSteps vinyl floors have builtin noise reduction.

Getting Flooring Delivered and Installed

Once you’ve selected new floors for your home renovation from an online flooring store, it’s time to arrange delivery and handle installation. Here’s a typical timeline for the flooring process:

Place Your Order

  • When you’re ready to purchase, finalize your flooring order through the online retailer. Enter your credit card and shipping details to checkout. Expect an order confirmation email shortly after.

Receive Shipping Quotes

  • Within 1-3 business days, the retailer will follow up with freight quotes for delivering your floors based on your location. Approve a shipping quote to move forward.

Wait For Materials To Ship

  • Online stocked inventory ships out within 3-5 business days typically. Out of stock special order flooring usually takes 2-3 weeks to ship from manufacturers. You’ll receive email updates on shipping status.

Flooring Delivery

  • Freight companies call 24-48 hours prior to delivery. Ensure someone 18+ is home during the delivery timeframe you select. Inspect materials thoroughly before signing.

Schedule Installation

  • If hiring pro installers through the retailer, now is the time to select a date for installation to begin. Install timeframes vary based on project size and crew availability.

Installation Process

  • Remove existing floors if necessary. Crews prep the subfloors, lay moisture barriers, and begin the installation following manufacturer guidelines. The process can take a few days to over a week.

Enjoy Your New Floors!

  • Once the install is complete, inspect the floors, sign off on the project, and pay any remaining fees. Your online order has been transformed into a beautiful new living space to enjoy.

The typical process takes 2-4 weeks total from order to completion. Get ready to relax on your new floors in time to enjoy for upcoming holidays and events!

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