Which Planet Controls Money?

Which Planet Controls Money

Money is an essential commodity for living. Everybody is working hard in their day-to-day lives to earn money. But what if your hard work does not satisfy your material needs? You work like a machine but get paid like a normal laborer. You need clarification and might be thinking about what to do. How can I attract money? Do not panic. To satisfy your needs, here comes astrology.

Astrology is a science by which one can solve his life problems and use it as guidance. Astrology involves planetary positions, transits, kundli, houses, and many more. In this blog, we will learn about planets and astrological aspects that control money.

Planets for Money

According to astrology, some planets can control money.

  • Many connect Jupiter with development, expansion, and opportunity and think it symbolizes wealth and good luck.
  • Individuals link Mercury’s business and communication ability with financial success.
  • Venus is a symbol of materialistic pleasures, luxury, and money earned through artistic and creative activities. 
  • Additionally, individuals relate the Sun with money, achievement, and respect, particularly in fields involving law, politics, or power.
  • Some associate Mars with responsibility, business, and achieving financial success with determination and drive.

Furthermore, individuals think that a person’s monetary ability and status in life can be influenced by the placement and characteristics of certain planets in their birth chart. If you get confused, then have a free chat with astrologer and solve your query. Now, let us have a look at the planets that control money.

Planets That Attract Money

According to astrology, there are five planets that control money. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are these planets. Jupiter, the planet of growth, is regarded as the planet most important for money and wealth. Venus, the planet of elegance and beauty, is also associated with money and material pleasures. Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication, is associated with prosperity in business and economic growth. Believers believe that money and recognition are brought by the Sun, the planet of authority and leadership. Last but not least, the Moon, the planet of feelings and intuition, links success and financial security to intuition.

Knowing how these five planets affect an individual’s chart can help one make better choices regarding wealth development and provide insight into how to grow financially.


Astrologers connect Jupiter with money and finances, which makes it a significant planet in astrology. Because of its beneficial effects on individuals, they call it the “Great Benefic.” Jupiter has a big impact on someone’s financial situation because it is a sign of growth, development, and wealth. Those who are born under the control of Jupiter are typically positive, donating, and accepting. They succeed in what they do and have a natural gift for attracting opportunities and luck. Jupiter’s influence encourages individuals to take chances and think big, which can give financial success.

Jupiter is known as the “Guru,” or “teacher,” in Vedic astrology. This is because Jupiter’s impact reaches beyond money and involves knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality. Individuals who are under Jupiter’s influence have a strong desire to learn new things and actively seek information that will expand their views. It’s important to remember that Jupiter’s influence does not ensure wealth and money. Instead, it is an encouragement to expand one’s perspective and take chances that present themselves. Jupiter supports individuals to have a positive view of life, which could result in money and luck.


In astrology, Venus is the planet that governs wealth and luck. In an individual’s life, this planet is a symbol of success, beauty, and love. Venus also has a connection with material things and financial stability. This planet has a big impact on an individual’s total wealth and financial situation. Astrologers view Venus as a lucky planet that increases wealth, luck, and luxury. A person who has a strong Venus in their birth chart will benefit from materialistic rewards and financial security. This planet has a connection with achieving financial success via artistic or creative actions.

Additionally, Venus also governs love and relationships. In romantic partnerships, the planet is a symbol of harmony, balance, and stability. As a result, those who have a powerful Venus in their horoscope usually attract mates who will support them and provide material stability. However, a weak Venus might lead to relationship problems and financial instability. It could result in debt, lost money, and an absence of material benefits. Individuals with poor Venus may have trouble managing money and experience instability in their relationships.

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In astrology, Mercury plays a significant role regarding money and fortune. According to believers, Mercury, the planet responsible for trade and communication, directly affects money issues. Its impact on the horoscope may indicate possibilities for success, good financial health, and business achievement. Mercury is linked with knowledge, reasoning, and intelligence in astrology. These qualities are necessary for taking advantage of chances that result in wealth and for making wise financial choices. The planet, according to believers, improves people’s capacity for planning and skillful discussions, which improves their ability to make money and collect assets.


Astrology links money and success to the Sun. The Sun, the planet that rules Leo, is an image of energy, confidence, and leadership. According to astrology, the Sun symbolizes the individual, their identity, ego, and public image. A person’s birth chart may show financial success and wealth when their Sun is in an advantageous position. According to astrology, one factor influencing wealth is the Sun’s location in an individual’s natal chart. The Sun can signify both professional recognition and financial prosperity because it is in the second or tenth house, which is related to money and careers, respectively. Therefore, the sun in the second house, the house of money and career, can show both professional success and financial success. Furthermore, the Sun’s positive impact on money and success can be enhanced if it is in a favorable position with other planets like Venus or Jupiter.


According to astrology, the Moon has control over success and money. It is the planet with the fastest speed and is related to feelings, intuition, and instincts. The Moon’s phase and location can have an impact on money matters and have a big impact on how rich someone is. The Moon’s relationship to the 2nd house in the horoscope is one way that it influences wealth. This house represents cash, personal items, and material goods. The Moon’s positive aspects or presence in this house can suggest material success and financial gain. On the other hand, Its negative aspects can indicate loss and financial difficulties.

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