Unlocking the Power of Fatek PLC Software: A Comprehensive Guide

Fatek PLC Software


Fatek PLC Software is a reliable and versatile industrial automation and control systems solution. Whether you are an experienced engineer or a novice in the field, Fatek PLC Software offers the tools and features to manage and control your automated processes efficiently.To assist you in beginning your road towards automation, we will examine the features of Fatek PLC Software in this guide, offer details on how and where you may download it for free, and respond to frequently asked concerns.  If you want to download any Software, visit the Softwaretech website.

Understanding Fatek PLC Software

What is Fatek PLC Software?

Fatek PLC Software is a powerful programming and configuration tool designed to work with Fatek Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). These PLCs are widely used in industrial automation to control various processes, such as manufacturing, packaging, and machinery operations. The software allows engineers and automation professionals to create, modify, and monitor PLC programs, enabling precise control over complex automation systems.

Key Features of Fatek PLC Software

To fully comprehend the capabilities of Fatek PLC Software, let’s delve into its key features:

User-Friendly Interface: Fatek PLC Software offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies programming and configuration tasks, making it accessible to beginners and experts.

Versatile Programming Languages: It supports ladder logic and function block diagram (FBD) programming languages, allowing users to choose the most suitable approach for their applications.

Simulation Tools: Engineers can simulate their PLC programs before deployment, ensuring the automation logic functions as expected.

Online Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of PLCs is possible through the software, providing valuable insights into system performance.

Communication Protocols: Fatek PLC Software supports various communication protocols, including Modbus, Ethernet, and RS-232, enabling seamless integration with other automation devices.

Data Logging: Users can log and analyze PLC data, helping identify performance trends and potential issues.

Remote Access: The software facilitates remote access to PLCs, allowing for troubleshooting and updates without being physically present at the automation site.

Multi-Language Support: It offers multi-language support, making it suitable for a global audience.

Where to Download Fatek PLC Software for Free

Now that you better understand Fatek PLC Software’s capabilities, you may be eager to obtain it for your automation projects. Fortunately, Fatek offers a free download of its software, making it accessible to users who want to explore its features.

Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Fatek PLC Software for Free

Follow these steps to download Fatek PLC Software for free:

Visit the Official Fatek Website: Start by visiting the SoftwareTech.

Navigate to the Software Downloads Section: Look for the “Downloads” or “Support” section on the website’s main menu. Click on it to access the software downloads page.

Select Fatek PLC Software: From the list of available software products, find and select Fatek PLC Software. Ensure that you are downloading the version compatible with your operating system.

Download the Software: To download the software to your computer, click the “Download” button and adhere to the on-screen directions. 

Installation: When the download is complete, run the installation file and adhere to the installation wizard’s instructions to install Fatek PLC Software on your computer.

Activation: Some versions of Fatek PLC Software may require activation or a license key. If prompted, follow the activation process as specified in the software documentation.

Launch the Software: After installation and activation, launch Fatek PLC Software to start creating and programming your automation projects.

How to Write Code Software V3.27 can be uploaded and downloaded.

Before uploading or receiving a program, you must choose the programming cable from the AMSAMOTION brand. The USB-FBs-232P0-9F is the model name of the programming cable. You can easily make a Programming cable for Fatek PLC Programming. Look at the picture; connect your PC and PLC with a programming cable when the wire is ready. Then, go to the device menu, click COM & LPT, and check the COM PORT Number.

Download Process: Double-click on the software Winproladder V3.27, then choose the models and create the program. After programming, you have to go to PLC in the software, click on Online, click Auto check, select the COM Port, then click OK, click OK again, and then wait for the program to download.

Upload Process: Before uploading a program, you must take care of the Upload program in the Fatek Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Open the Winproladder software initially, but don’t start a new project. Instead, go straight to the PLC in the software. Then click “Online” and “Auto check.” The COM port will be set automatically. Click “OK” twice, then “No,” and wait for the program to be uploaded. Once it is uploaded, you will need to save it to your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Is Fatek PLC Software compatible with Windows 10?

Fatek PLC Software is compatible with Windows 10 and other commonly used Windows operating systems.

2.    Can I use Fatek PLC Software for educational purposes?

Absolutely! Fatek PLC Software is a valuable tool for educational institutions and students studying automation and control systems. You can use it to create and simulate PLC programs for learning and experimentation.

3.    Is Fatek PLC Software suitable for small-scale automation projects?

Yes, Fatek PLC Software is versatile and can be used for small-scale and large-scale automation projects.It is adaptable to a variety of applications thanks to its scalability and user-friendly interface.

4.    Are there any video tutorials available for Fatek PLC Software?

Yes, Fatek provides video tutorials on its official website and YouTube channel to help users learn how to use the software effectively. These tutorials cover various topics, from basic programming to advanced automation techniques.

5.    How often does Fatek release software updates?

Fatek periodically releases software updates to enhance functionality, fix bugs, and improve compatibility.For the most recent changes, it is advised to visit their official website or sign up for their newsletter.


Fatek PLC Software is a valuable tool for engineers and automation professionals seeking robust and user-friendly software for their PLC programming and configuration needs. With its versatile features and the option for a free download, Fatek PLC Software is accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to experts. By following the steps outlined in this guide and exploring the FAQs, you can confidently embark on your automation journey, knowing that you have a powerful tool.

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