Travel Hacks: Using Credit Cards to Explore the World on a Budget

Many of us want to travel the world and explore different cultures and places. World trips are expensive and often carry the not-so-friendly budget tag. However, smart planning can help us fulfil our dreams. Banks provide us with tools for our benefits, including credit cards. We can take money when we need to enjoy a trip and repay it later on the scheduled dates. Interestingly, wise use of credit cards and timely repayments enhance your credit score. You can go for a free CIBIL score check through the CIBIL score app

Tips to Use Credit Cards to Save for Travels

Here are some tips that individuals must follow to gain benefits for trips through the usage of credit cards.

Choose Your Perfect Travel-Friendly Card

Before applying for a credit card, always review your travel habits, such as if you are a frequent domestic traveller or prefer international trips, budget-friendly stays or luxury hotels and so on. Avail your credit card benefits suiting your choice and preferences. A wise selection of credit cards brings you more benefits and travel rewards. 

Leverage Credit Card Travel Rewards 

You can increase your rewards by using the credit card on daily expenses such as fuel, groceries, online shopping, travel, dining and so on from certain shopping sites. It helps you to get more points and maximise your earnings. Keep an eye on promotional but time-limit offers, as they are one of the key points to boost your travel rewards. Well-strategised use of credit cards can decrease your cost of travel. Book your tickets and hotels through the travel portal of your credit card. These actions can save your expenditures, and you can use rewards without putting stress on your pocket.

Harness the Power of Bonus

Keep yourselves updated with the latest deals. It offers you a bonus while paying. Furthermore, if you keep your repayment on the scheduled time and have a good history of repayments, you can redeem a bonus for having a good credit score. Your credit card range will also exceed with good scores, and your request for credit will be approved in a shorter period of time. Do a free CIBIL score check through the CIBIL score app and stay updated.

Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

Travelling to foreign countries is associated with foreign transaction fees. All these fees add up quickly and lead to increased costs of world trips. However, travel credit cards are linked with offers like waive of foreign transaction fees. Optimally gaining and using the facility helps cut costs on trips. 

Enhancing Travel Insurance Benefits

Travel credit cards offer multiple travel insurance benefits such as baggage delay coverage, trip interruption or cancellation charges and rental car insurance. Timely using these benefits and fitting them into your travel schedule can protect your pocket by saving money on travel insurance policies.

Wrapping Up!

Travel credit cards are a particular type of credit card provided by banks for travel enthusiasts. Users interested in travelling choose the card to save their money on general trips. They can even plan world trips with mindful and planned usage of travel credit cards. Using benefits like reward points, waiving off of foreign transaction fees, rental car insurance and so on helps to leverage the treasure in your pocket.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. At which age are we eligible to apply for credit cards?

As per the rules, the individual is eligible to apply for a credit card at or above the age of 18.

Q2. Can we apply for a credit card online?

Yes. Anyone can apply for a credit card online through the software application or website of the bank where an individual has an account. Choose to apply for a credit card online, upload the necessary documents and wait for approval. It is advisable to maintain your credit scores before applying for a credit card for better terms and advantages. You can perform a free CIBIL score check using the CIBIL score app.

Q3. Do credit cards have expiry dates? 

Yes. Expiry dates vary with different credit card issuers. Generally, credit cards are valid for 2 to 5 years. Credit card holders have to apply for a new credit card after the expiration of the old credit card.

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