The Ultimate Guide to Follow Before Sending Flowers to Dubai

Send Flowers to Dubai

Dubai is a city with a developed infrastructure for international shipping and delivery. You can easily send flowers to Dubai from any part of the world. Several online flower delivery services are available which offer worldwide shipping. You can select from various floral arrangements and bouquets for the occasion and personal preference. 

Are there any specific delivery timeframes for sending flowers to Dubai?

There are several delivery timeframes to consider when sending the flowers to Dubai. The florists come up with same-day flower delivery when you have placed the order before the cut-off time, like early afternoon. The delivery time depends on elements like the availability of the chosen flowers and the delivery location in Dubai.  

You must place the orders in advance and contact the floral directly to ensure timely delivery. 

Can I track the delivery status of my flowers?

You can check with the florist to know about the delivery status of the flowers. Several florists have tracking services that monitor the delivery progress. They offer the buyers with peace of mind. You can stay informed about the time of flower delivery. Contact the florist to know the delivery status when no tracking services exist. 

Are there any additional fees or taxes associated with sending flowers to Dubai?

You need to notice that there are several additional fees and taxes when you send flowers to Dubai. UAE charges a 5% VAT on goods and services like floral arrangements. The tax is applied to the overall cost of the flowers, delivery costs and other fees. 

Several delivery services have handling fees and customs clearance fees for international shipments. You must consider these costs when you opt to send flowers to Dubai

Is it possible to send flowers on specific occasions or events in Dubai?

Buyers must notice that they can easily send flowers for specific occasions and events in Dubai. Several florists and online flower delivery services offer you the best floral arrangements for events like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other occasions. 

Options like traditional bouquets, elegant floral designs, and customized arrangements to say your messages are also available. 

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What is the process for placing an order to send flowers to Dubai?

The steps to send flowers to Dubai are stated below:

  • It is important to select a reputable florist and online flower delivery service that comes up with the feature of international shipping to Dubai. 
  • You must explore the wide selection of floral arrangements and select the best option per your needs and preferences. 
  • You should offer the needed information, like the receiver’s name, address, and contact information.
  • It is crucial to mention the delivery date and other instructions as well.
  • You must make the payment and confirm the order.


When you Send Flowers to Dubai, it is considered a convenient and heartfelt way to show your love and care. You need to know the above guide to make the best flower delivery. 

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