Revolutionize Your Truck Buying and Selling Experience with Truckslife

Are you in the market for new truck sales, HGV sales, used truck sales, or used HGV sales in the UK? Look no further than Truckslife, the ultimate “One Stop Shop” for all things related to the haulage, transport, and logistics industry. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, our platform is designed to meet your needs efficiently and transparently.

Discover Your Perfect Truck or Trailer

Truckslife offers a comprehensive range of services that cater to the diverse needs of our users:

1. Vehicles: Explore an extensive selection of new truck sales and used truck sales from reputable dealers and individual sellers. Our powerful search tools make finding the ideal vehicle a breeze.

2. Parts: Find new, used, and aftermarket parts for your trucks.

3. Accessories: Discover a wide variety of accessories, both new and used, to enhance your truck’s functionality and appearance.

4. Truck Services: Access services such as servicing, repairs, recovery, and insurance conveniently through our platform.

5. Haulage: Browse available loads and backloads to keep your trucks busy and profitable.

6. Jobs: Advertise or apply for truck-related roles, connecting employers and job seekers in the industry.

7. Truck Stops: Locate nearby truck stops for your convenience.

8. Fuel: Find the most affordable fuel options in your area.

9. Auctions: Advertise your truck auctions or locate upcoming auctions for potential bargains.

Why Choose Truckslife for Buying New or Used Trucks?

Our mission is to make truck sales accessible, transparent, and efficient. We provide buyers with valuable tools and easy-to-use search functions to help them find the perfect truck that fits their requirements and budget. With a vast selection of new truck sales and used truck sales, we’re confident you’ll find the right match.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Cross-Brand Selection: We offer a diverse range of vehicles and trailers from dealers and private sellers.

Precise Search Function: Our search tools are tailored to provide accurate results.

Modern Platform: Enjoy a clean and user-friendly interface without annoying popups.

Detailed Information: Access comprehensive vehicle details, including manufacturer data from DVLA.

Photos: View high-quality images of each vehicle from all angles.

Web and Mobile Access: Browse our platform conveniently on the web or through our mobile app.

Selling Made Easy with Truckslife

If you’re a truck dealer or an individual seller, Truckslife provides a hassle-free platform to showcase your new truck sales and new HGV sales. Tap into our dedicated audience of potential customers who are eager to purchase your trucks.

Here’s why you should choose Truckslife for selling your trucks:

Cost-Effective: Our advertising plans offer real value for money with transparent pricing.

Ease of Use: Quickly and easily upload your adverts, with DVLA data pulled automatically.

Instant Confirmation: Receive instant email confirmation and supporting invoicing for your adverts.

Easy Editing: Edit and amend your adverts at any time for free, 24/7.

Advert Counter: Track the hits/views on your individual advert counter.

Flexible Payment Options: Choose from multiple currency options and pay monthly for non-specific adverts with volume discounts.

Social Media Promotion: We automatically post new adverts on our social channels to attract more buyers.

How to Advertise Your Trucks and Trailers

Advertising your trucks and trailers on Truckslife is straightforward. Register as a user or a company to get started. If you have any questions, our service executives are readily available to assist you via chat or phone.

Flexible Advertising Plans

You can choose between two advertising plans:

Standard Plan: Ideal for occasional users who prefer to pay for each advert as needed. Adverts can run for 30, 60, or 90 days, with volume discounts available for multiple adverts.

Professional Plan: Perfect for companies or users who require continual advertising. Replace adverts at no extra cost, making it easy to keep your listings up-to-date. Cancel the monthly fee at any time.

Your Destination for New and Used Commercial Trucks and HGVs

Truckslife leverages cutting-edge digital solutions to simplify the truck buying and selling process. Our platform features a wide range of new and used trucks and trailers for sale, including Tractor Units, Rigid Trucks, Tipper Trucks, 7.5 Tons, Specialist Trucks, and more. We collaborate with leading manufacturers and individual dealers to offer the best selection.

Answers to Your FAQs

Why Sell Your Truck on Truckslife?

We connect you with a customer base interested in buying your truck, making the selling process stress-free.

Why Choose Truckslife for Commercial Vehicles?

We offer affordable prices and ensure that buyers find trucks that match their requirements and budgets.

Is Buying Used Trucks a Good Option?

Yes, our platform offers reliable and affordable used trucks, making it a smart choice for buyers.

How to Advertise on Truckslife?

You can choose between “One-Off” and “Monthly” advertising plans to suit your needs.

Why Truckslife?

We specialize in the trucking and haulage business, providing a modern and efficient platform for quality used trucks for sale in the UK.


In summation, Truckslife has fundamentally reshaped the landscape of the trucking, haulage, and logistics industry in the UK. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, our platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore, acquire, or sell a diverse array of trucks, parts, accessories, and services.

For buyers, Truckslife presents a user-friendly interface, robust search capabilities, and an extensive inventory of vehicles, parts, and accessories. This ensures that finding the perfect truck or sourcing essential components for your fleet has never been more convenient.

For sellers, our platform simplifies the process of connecting with a receptive audience actively seeking your products. We uphold the values of transparency, providing instant confirmation, and leveraging social media promotion to ensure that your listings reach the most suitable buyers.

We take immense pride in serving as the ultimate “One Stop Shop” for all your trucking requirements. Our commitment to streamlining the buying and selling experience permeates every facet of our platform. Whether you are in search of a reliable workhorse or striving to maximize your sales potential, Truckslife stands ready to elevate your journey in the world of commercial vehicles. Join us today and experience the profound impact of a contemporary, efficient, and trustworthy platform dedicated to the success of your trucking endeavours. Your perfect truck or the ideal buyer awaits, right here at Truckslife.

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