“Nature’s Quest Hand Sanitizer: Nature’s Goodness Meets Germ Protection”

At NATURES QEST, we’re experts in hand sanitizer and when it is best to use it.

We created NATURES QUEST(r) hand cleanser. Our team of scientists has been conducting high-quality research for public health and industry on hand hygiene for decades. Our staff members set hand sanitizers around the house, in their cars in their handbags, pockets, and purses… we distribute bottles to friends and family during the holidays. We know the moments that we turn to our product. But perhaps you’re not certain.

We’ve heard so many stories about the importance of hygiene in hand over the past three years. It’s been a primary tool in keeping people healthy during the pandemic. It’s been a common practice to clean your hands if visibly soiled (like after dealing with raw meat, or gardening) – and you can detect and feel the necessity, which is why we’re all (hopefully) very comfortable washing our hands. It’s our go-to way to wash our hands. If you’re unsure clean your hands – and that’s crucial. But sometimes, when your hands aren’t covered in dirt or food, switching to a good alcohol-based hand soap is better.

Make sure you take care of your hands

The frequent washing of your hands can strip away the lipids (natural fats that protect your skin) faster than the natural healing process of your body, causing cracked or dried-out skin. Hand sanitizers that are well-formulated, high-quality ones like NATURES QUEST(r) hands sanitizer – are made to leave effective moisturizers for your skin while eliminating germs immediately. (Meaning it leaves behind substances that nourish your face.) That’s part of the reason why alcohol-based hand sanitizer is essential and highly recommended in hospitals – where a caregiver is active and cleans their hands over 100 times per day! 1

Choosing the best hand soap plays a crucial role in maintaining your hands’ health – as do other essential components of your hand care routine – like handwashing using gloves whenever you clean your dishes or go outside in cold weather. You should also use hand lotions occasionally during the day and especially before bed. Then your hands won’t be dry. (Read my blog post by my coworker for more ” Dry Hands? Don’t Blame Your Hand Sanitizer.”)

So, when should I apply hand sanitizer?

The CDC suggests using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol when soap and water are not easily accessible, but what do those times occur? Here are some examples of key moments when you should consider using hand sanitizer (remember, please wash your hands whenever you see dirt, food or other residue on them after going into the restroom). The list might seem lengthy, but everyone should wash or sanitize their hands 10-20 times in the course of a day. below are some key times that should happen. Using hand sanitizer is an excellent option to ensure you’re practicing good hand hygiene and eliminating germs from your hands that could cause illnesses.

Use hand sanitizer at home

Following a nose blow, you may be coughing, or coughing, or

When applying makeup, or making adjustments to your contacts

After touching things within your daily life, which could harbor bacteria that could cause you to become sick:

  • emptying the trash
  • handling dirty laundry
  • touching pets Change a diaper (without visibly soiling your hands) Caring for an individual who is sick. Prior to eating While you’re making a meal (instead of constantly cleaning your hands, keep it for the times when your hands appear to be dirty, such as when handling raw meats, or freshly picked fruits and vegetables which need to be rinsed) As soon as you get back home from being in public spaces Hand sanitizers should be used in public places When you enter and exit a public place Once you are in your vehicle after having been in public spaces Before eating or touching your face After touching surfaces commonly touched by others Handrails, door handles and handrails
  • elevator buttons
  • shopping carts
  • self-service kiosks and payment screens Gas handles
  • gym equipment or sports equipment Kitchens that are shared (fridge doors, coffee pots and more.) Surfaces for shared classrooms or workspaces (keyboards and mice, copy machines, phones etc.)
  • counters for condiments and garbage stations
  • hand bars/poles in public transit (subways busses, trains, and subways) Seat belt buckles are used in the public transport system and on airplanes Table/latch for airplane tray Airport security trays Children play areas for children
  • restaurant menus Have hand sanitizer available in your vehicle and carry it on your person, so you’ll have it at hand when you require it. Additionally you can apply your preferred brand and formula knowing that as you’re eliminating germs, you’re making sure your hands are clean. Most importantly, reduce the risk of bad germs infiltrating your personal space by using hand sanitizer when you get into your car and then again when you get at home. How to use hand sanitizer When applying hand sanitizer, be sure to thoroughly soak the hands (about the size of one quarter) Rub your hands vigorously until dry. Also, don’t forget to wash your thumbs, fingertips and fingers. It should take about 15 seconds if you use a good-quality product. Not all hand sanitizers work exactly the same Formulation is vital for alcohol-based hand wash – it must be effective, safe (kills germs) as well as non-irritating and softening, plus it must smell and feel nice that you will would like to apply it. For more details on why hand sanitizers aren’t all identical, check out this blog by our Chief Innovation Officer “Formulation Counts: Not All Hand Sanitizer is the Same.” Hand soap does not cause “super germs” or cause resistance to antibiotics. Nature’s Quest Hand Sanitizer keeps your hands safe from germs at every step! With a plethora of goodness from nature along with pure essential oils stay secure with every use!
  • Nature’s Quest Hand Sanitizer keeps your hands safe from germs at every step! With a plethora of goodness from nature along with pure essential oils stay secure with every use!

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