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SMD screen have become an essential feature of outdoor advertising and event displays in Pakistan in the age of digital advertising and information distribution. These screens are well-known for their vivid visuals and adaptability. However, one of the most frequently asked questions about SMD screens is, “What is the price of SMD screens in Pakistan?” SMD screen 

SMD Screening: An Overview

Surface Mount Device (SMD) screens are a sort of LED display technology that is extensively used for outdoor advertising, sports events, and informational displays. These panels are made up of small surface-mounted LEDs that operate in tandem to produce amazing pictures. SMD screens are well-known for their brightness, colour accuracy, and energy efficiency, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Factors Influencing SMD Screen Prices in Pakistan

Several factors come into play while determining the pricing of SMD screens in Pakistan


1. Screen Size and Resolution: An SMD screen’s size and resolution have a substantial impact on its costs. Larger displays with higher resolutions will inevitably be more expensive due to the increased number of LEDs necessary for improved image quality.

2. Brand Reputation: Established brands with a history of manufacturing high-quality SMD screens prefer to charge a premium for their products. However, their dependability and after-sales assistance may make the purchase worthwhile.

3. Component Quality: The quality of the components used in an SMD screen, such as the LEDs, driver chips, and control systems, has a direct impact on its performance and lifespan. High-quality components are frequently more expensive.

4. Installation and upkeep Costs: SMD screens must be installed and maintained correctly in order to last. Installation, ongoing maintenance, and support services costs can all have an impact on the final budget.

SMD Screen Prices in Pakistan Right Now

Here is a general price range for SMD screens in Pakistan as of 2023, depending on typical sizes and resolutions:

• Prices for small SMD screens (less than 100 square feet) with basic resolutions can begin around PKR 20,000 per square foot.

• Average prices for medium-sized screens (100-300 square feet) with higher resolutions range from PKR 25,000 to PKR 35,000 per square foot.

• Large SMD displays with high resolutions (over 300 square feet) might cost up to PKR 40,000 per square foot.

Please keep in mind that these prices are only estimates and may vary depending on the previously mentioned parameters, such as brand selection and component quality.

In this day and age visual displays play a vital role in a variety of industries that range from entertainment and advertising to information distribution. The SMD (Surface Mounted device) screens have become one of the most sought-after options for dynamic and vibrant visual content. This article examines the main aspects that influence SMD price in Pakistan and offers insights into the trends in pricing.

Understanding SMD Screens


SMD screens are a kind of LED display that utilizes surfaces mount technologies to put individual LEDs directly on the display’s surface. This results in smooth, sleek displays with vivid colors and high brightness levels. SMD screens are typically employed to promote outdoor advertising, sporting concerts, events, and digital signage because of their versatility and quality visuals.

Factors that affect the SMD Screen Price in Pakistan


Resolution and Screen Size


Dimensions and quality of the SMD screen play a significant role in the determination of its cost. Higher resolution screens cost more because of the greater amount of LED modules needed. When deciding on an SMD screen, take into account the purpose of the screen and the view distance in order to decide on the ideal size and resolution.

Quality and Brand


The brand name and the quality of the SMD screen play a significant part in the price. Brands with a good reputation for quality typically be more expensive. But, choosing an established brand will provide better performance, durability, as well as after-sales assistance.

Installation and Maintenance


Costs for installation and maintenance are not to be undervalued. Remote installations or complex installations could require additional expenditures. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure longevity and efficiency of your SMD screen. This could impact the total cost.

Customization Options


The options for customizing such as curved screens special shapes, or even unique needs for content can drastically influence the cost on the SMD screen. Talk about your needs for customization with your suppliers to determine the most precise prices.

Current SMD Screen Prices in Pakistan


Based on the most recent data available Here is an overall pricing range SMD monitors in Pakistan:

Note that these are estimates of price ranges. Actual prices can vary depending on the variables mentioned previously.


Screen size, resolution, brand reputation, component quality, and installation fees all influence the pricing of SMD displays in Pakistan. When purchasing an SMD screen, it is critical to examine your individual needs as well as your economic limits. To ensure a long-lasting and effective display solution, always choose reputed brands and prioritise quality.

SMD screens have changed the face of displays for visuals in Pakistan with unbeatable clarity and flexibility. If you’re looking at the purchase of an SMD screen you must consider the dimensions and resolution, brand, maintenance, installation and options for customization. Although SMD screens can come with various prices investing in high-quality and appropriate features will result in a profitable lasting investment.


Are SMD displays energy-efficient? 

Yes, SMD displays are well-known for their low energy consumption. They use less electricity than standard display technologies, making them a more cost-effective option in the long term.

Do SMD screens need to be serviced on a regular basis? 

Yes, SMD screens require routine maintenance to guarantee peak performance and longevity. Cleaning and servicing are advised since dust and debris can degrade display quality.

Can I get an SMD screen warranty in Pakistan? 

Many reliable suppliers provide SMD screen warranties ranging from one to three years. When making a purchase, always sure to inquire about warranty terms.

How can I locate a trustworthy SMD screen provider in Pakistan? 

Investigate and select suppliers with a solid reputation, great customer ratings, and a track record of providing quality products and support services. You can also seek advice from industry experts or coworkers.

Is there any legislation in Pakistan governing the installation of SMD screens in public places? 

The rules for installing SMD screens in public places may differ depending on where you live. Before installing, check with local authorities and secure any necessary permits.

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