Most Popular Flooring In New Homes

The 21st century has seen the advent of numerous new types of flooring. Irrespective of the scale of the budget, the US has witnessed an unprecedented fervor in people for the installation and maintenance of their home’s flooring. It is natural to find it as a daunting task when this is your first time choosing the right flooring for your home. Well, you need not worry about it anymore! We have come up with a guide on the most popular flooring in new homes which you can rely on during the shopping spree for your new abode’s flooring!

1.      Laminate Flooring:

There is a reason behind ranking laminate flooring first on this list. It is because this has taken over the market in no time because of its affordability. If you are looking for something that fits your budget exclusively, you need not look further than laminate flooring. It comes with a tough external layer and a resin coating that makes it resistant to all kinds of spills. If you have kids or pets at home, investing in laminating flooring can really pay off in the long run. For the people who want to zhuzh up their place without going over the board with the budget, wait no more and get laminate flooring for your home!


Most of the time, flooring has a hard time putting up with the humidity in the air. This is why if you live in a highly humid area, there can be no flooring for you better than a laminate one. This can be your go-to option when you want to save both time and money.


The only disadvantage of laminate flooring is that it chips easily. As the foot traffic increases, it becomes more susceptible to breaking apart and coming off after a few years.

2.      Tile Flooring:

If you are somebody who always shops for things that are eco-friendly, you are going to love this option. The tile flooring comprises sand, glass, and even clay. This is why it has become more common in recent years. Also, this is the kind of flooring that you need if your electricity bill is always taking a tool at your budget. Tile flooring is easy to clean and you can get its first-day shine restored just with a one-day maintenance session by professionals. To add more, such flooring is usually taken as an upgrade so it can also increase your place’s resale value.


Tile flooring comes in a lot of designs so you have a big room to play with color and texture. It can be a great way to go easy on the HVAC system since this flooring comes in handy for temperature regulation. You can take it into consideration, especially for bathrooms and kitchens where there is a great chance of mildew growth.


Apart from ceramic tile flooring, all other tiles can be a massive blow to your budget. The tile flooring is also more prone to unstable pricing in the market. Similarly, shopping for this flooring requires experience otherwise you can easily fall prey to scam tile companies.

3.      Hardwood Flooring:

The discussion about the most popular flooring in new homes can never be complete without adding hardwood flooring. This is the flooring that adds an inviting element to your place and also makes it look more high-end and polished. You can opt for any hardwood of your choice for flooring let it be oak, maple, or cherry. All this flooring takes is a finishing coat, that too in 3 to 5 years, so you need not worry about its maintenance. Also, did we tell you that this flooring looks great in pictures too? Yes! So go on and invest in reliable hardwood flooring for this Christmas family picture!


Hardwood flooring is the best option to make your place look cozy and welcoming. The better quality of wood can also make it resistant to potential mold growth.


The only disadvantage of going for this flooring is that it can be rather expensive, especially for people who are building their first home. Since this phase requires frugality, the hardwood flooring can be quite an expensive option for such people!

4.      Stone Flooring:

Do you want to go for flooring that looks just as good inside the home as it does outside? Then stone flooring is for you. It is because this flooring has been in trend in the market for the last 10 years. The stone flooring adds a tinge of aesthetic beauty to your place. This is why homeowners usually go for it when they feel that they have added too much modernity to the design layout of their new home. Having this kind of flooring can be an impressive addition to get that close-to-nature vibe for your home.


The granite, travertine, or sandstone flooring is naturally resistant to water and moisture. This is why it can be a good choice for people who live in highly humid places. Moreover, because of the least messing with its natural composition, the flooring does not require special maintenance sessions and proves to be pocket-friendly in the long run.


A layman can never install this kind of flooring in his wildest dreams. It requires you to call professionals even for a little bit of inconvenience. There is also a big chance that you may find this flooring rather cold during the winter season!

5.      Carpet Flooring:

How could we end this guide without mentioning carpet flooring among the most popular flooring in new homes? This is the type of flooring that you must have seen in almost everyone’s home. It became a rage during the 1970s but even after the production of so many floorings, its fame remains intact. You can get two types of carpets in your market; tufted or woven. Tufted carpets are always cheaper than woven carpets since they take less manufacturing time.


The best advantage of carpet flooring is that it is easy to clean for everybody. You can just take a vacuum and get started with it. The demands for carpet flooring have skyrocketed because of the comfort they bring. To cater to that, they have also become more available in different colors and designs.


The biggest flipside of choosing carpet flooring is that it is not a great choice for homes that have allergy patients. The dust and mold spores stuck in the fibers of the carpet can be a trigger for the worst of the allergy attacks.


To sum it all up, the market is swamped by the most popular flooring in new homes which are inclusive of laminate to carpet flooring. The good thing about all this is that you have a greater variety to choose from now for your home’s flooring. This is why people always say that a careful purchase while shopping for flooring can pave the way for a happier and healthier home!

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