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The IT capital of India, Bangalore, is considered one of the top-performing cities in board examinations. Because the Central Board of Secondary Education schools offers a peaceful learning environment, students get opportunities to excel in different fields, be it academics or extracurriculars. Though there are a wide range of CBSE schools in Bangalore, as parents, you will always wish your children to study in the best one. You must choose a school for your little one that would provide numerous facilities to shape them into better humans. This article will discuss the top CBSE schools in Bangalore that you can select for your children. 

1. Sarala Birla Academy

Sarala Birla Academy, also known as SBA, is one of the leading educational institutes in Bangalore that nurtures young minds to become global citizens in the near future. The school has a dedicated staff who commit to delivering holistic and comprehensive education to students and honing their leadership capabilities, thereby assuring their overall personality development. The school boasts a 64-acres of lush green land that provides children with a fun-filled experience along with strengthening their academic knowledge. Sarala Birla Academy includes the best teachers who use innovative techniques to drive the intellectual curiosity of students. 

2. Rashtriya Navodaya Vidya Kendriya 

Tucked in Bajali Nagar, Bengaluru, Rashtriya Navodaya Vidya Kendriya is a school that is committed to providing quality education to budding individuals. The school was established in 2006 with a handful of students, and now thousands of children graduate from this school with flying colours. Rashtriya Navodaya Vidya Kendriya believes in educating children to the highest levels so they can gain academic excellence and become compassionate, ethical, creative, productive and responsible members of society. The school further focuses on the safety and security of students at the highest levels. 

3. SSM Public School

Located in Bangalore’s Basavanagudi, SSM (Samaj Seva Mandali) Public School is affiliated with CBSE. It was set up by Prof. M.R. Doreswamy in 1958 to promote civic facilities. The school first started with a craft centre for women, a free reading room and a library. Since the locality lacked an educational centre, it was turned into one later with the hands of Prof. M.V. Krishna Rao.  The school was born with the noble objective of offering quality education to middle-class and lower-class children. This school also gets support from PES University and provides all the basic amenities that students require to achieve great academic results and co-curricular proficiency.  

4. National Public School

National Public School, located in Whitefield, is one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. It has a sprawling 4 acres of land that offers child-centric, progressive and comprehensive development for students. The Chairman of the NPS Group of Institutions, Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna, founded the Whitefield branch of the National Public School. The school is dedicated to imparting holistic education by offering children the opportunities to develop their social and creative skills. National Public School thus introduces various programmes to promote the all-round development of students. The teachers of this school are continuously trying new and interactive teaching-learning strategies so that students can cope with the curriculum.  

5. Sree Aurobindo Memorial School

Sree Aurobindo Memorial School is a CBSE-affiliated school that is heavily inspired by the words of the Divine Mother. The school, with its committed staff, emphasises the overall development of students. Mr. Rajarshi Vasishtha, the director of Sree Aurobindo Memorial School, tried to form a conducive environment and excellent ambience for healthy and joyful learning. The school follows the CBSE curriculum for students from nursery to class X. Since Aurobindo Memorial School aims to provide value-based education, the amenities are quite basic here. 

6. JSS Public School (Mahavidyapeeth)

JSS Mahavidyapeeth, or JSS Public School, is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education. This school was established in 1954. It is an English medium school that promises to provide holistic development opportunities and quality education. Furthermore, JSS Public School strives to develop students’ intellectual skills, physical abilities, moral thinking, cultural appreciation, social adjustments and emotional stability. Furthermore, the school strives to develop a sense of global belonging and achieve international and national understanding. From scientific labs and well-furnished classrooms to vast playgrounds for various kinds of sports, JSS Public School is one of the best in Bangalore. 

7. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Yelahanka

Kendriya Vidyalaya has its branches spread across the entire country, even in Bangalore. The school was established in 1981 to provide quality education to students from classes I to XII. The plus two levels in Kendriya Vidyalaya have a very strong Arts and Science faculty. The school is located away from the bustling crowd near the Bangalore International Airport. Besides offering great academic knowledge, the school also encourages its students to participate in different sports, games and other activities. These activities may involve painting competitions, national-level essay competitions, mathematics olympiads, educational tours and more. 

8. HAL Public School

Among the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, HAL Public School takes a prominent position. This school became fully functional in 1999 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Krishnadas Nair. HAL Public School, ever since it came into being, has been growing around the city. It initially imparted education till class XII, and in 2008, it extended its guidance to senior secondary students as well. The school believes in providing quality education to students. Teachers of HAL Public School use innovative teaching methodologies to cater to the individual needs of students. 

9. New Horizon International School

The latest venture of the New Horizon Group of Institutions, New Horizon International School is one of the top CBSE schools in Bangalore. The school constantly pushes its students to gain proficiency in the vast field of education. This school provides highly-trained faculty who constantly use different teaching techniques to bring out the best in students so that they can achieve their full potential and become good citizens of the future. 

10. National Academy of Learning

National Academy of Learning is a well-known school in Bangalore that is affiliated with the CBSE board. Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna established this school in 1994 with the objective of providing quality education to students. The CBSE curriculum that the National Academy of Learning follows offers great academic programmes that focus strongly on every subject, including social studies, mathematics, science, and languages. Furthermore, the school offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure and tons of amenities to make students feel at home. 


Hopefully, this list of CBSE schools in Bangalore will save you some search time and let you find a suitable school to holistically educate your child. But if you want further suggestions with well-rounded research on each school, you can now look up Skoodos. It is a unique search engine meant exclusively to find schools in your location. It is an online platform that provides comprehensive lists of schools. You can even get expert advice about various schools by contacting professionals working with Skoodos.

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