How To Set Up Inventory Feature In QuickBooks Premier

If your company is small or medium-sized, you may have to handle a variety of responsibilities, including payroll and inventory management. In the current corporate environment, inventory management is, in fact, a fundamental and challenging issue for the majority of firms. Inventory needs to be closely tracked and managed in order to provide consumers with timely and efficient service. We could achieve this by implementing strict protocols. As a result, before adding inventory features to QuickBooks, users must go over the basics. You can utilize the item list to keep tabs on your company’s inventory. Note that you must first enable the QuickBooks inventory feature in order to use this feature. You may quickly add the accounts required for inventory to your list of accounts after activating the feature.

How to Make Inventory Available in QuickBooks Desktop

Here’s how to get QuickBooks Desktop’s Inventory Feature activated.

Step 1: Log into your “QuickBooks Desktop account” and access your company files.

Step 2: Proceed to the “Edit menu” and choose “Preferences” from the menu that displays.

Step 3: Click the “Company Preferences tab” after selecting the “Items & Inventory” option from the left menu.

Step 4: Turn “On” the choices for inventory and purchase orders.

Step 5: Choose and press the OK button after finishing the previous steps.

How to Use QuickBooks Enterprise’s Advanced Inventory Feature

To activate QuickBooks Enterprise’s sophisticated inventory capability, follow the instructions provided.

1. Press the menu button, choose “Edit” (as in the illustration below), then “Preferences.”

  • Enable QuickBooks’ Inventory Feature.

2. The “Preferences” dialogue box will now appear in the left pane. Click on the “Items & Inventory” highlighted item, and then choose the “company preference tab.”

  • Enable QuickBooks’ Inventory Feature.

3. Select the “Inventory and purchase orders are active” checkbox under the “Company Preferences” page.

  • Enable QuickBooks’ Inventory Feature.

4. When QuickBooks prompts you to shut open windows after the previous step, select “OK.”

  • Enable QuickBooks’ Inventory Feature.

Procedure for Adding a Stock Entry in QuickBooks Enterprise

  • Initially, navigate to the “Home” page and subsequently select the “Items & Services” icon.
  • Click “Item” and choose “New” from the “Item & Services” list. 
  • You then choose the “New Item” dialogue box and choose “Inventory Part” from the list of “TYPE drop-down options.
  • Enable QuickBooks’ Inventory Feature.
  • You need to enter the chosen item’s identification from the “Item Name/Number field.”
  • To handle income for the item, add or pick the Income account in the tab “Income Account” column.
  • After completing the remaining needed fields, click “OK.”
  • QuickBooks Online’s Inventory Feature can be enabled.
  • You will find instructions on how to enable your QuickBooks Online inventory feature in the passage that follows.
  • First, log into QuickBooks and navigate to the “Settings” area. 
  • Next, select “Account and settings” in step two.
  • Third step: Select the “Sales” tab.
  •  In the “Products and Services” section, select the “Edit” tab.
  •  Don’t forget to activate the “Show Product” option in the Service column.


You can also activate price rules if you would like to put up variable pricing for the products you offer.

Step 6: Verify that the inventory quantity on hand, price/rate tracking, and quantity tracking are all enabled.

Step 7: Click Done after selecting the Save option.

How to Enable the Inventory Feature in Mac QuickBooks Desktop

Automotive inventory management is used by QuickBooks 2024 Upgrade software for Mac to track item costs. Mac OS automatically computes the pricing of goods sold in each invoice and determines the overall cost of the closing inventory, making inventory tracking hassle-free. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to keep track of the processed items’ primary expenses.

In QuickBooks for Mac, create an item by following the instructions listed below:

Step 1: To view your lists, select Lists from the “Main Menu.”

Select the “Items tab” in step two.

Step 3: It will then display the Item List window. Click the Plus “+” icon to add more.

Step 4: Select the “New Item” menu item.

Step 5: From the list of options, choose the “Items” you wish to create.

Step 6: Be careful to provide any information that is required for the item. You can create new fields according to your personal preferences by utilizing the ‘Custom Fields’ feature.

Step 7: Select “Save.”

Steps for Adding New Items to an Existing Inventory in QuickBooks for Mac

You can change the data you previously input for a specific item in QuickBooks. Use the steps shown below to add new goods to your QuickBooks for Mac inventory or modify the ones you already have.

Step 1: From the drop-down menu under “Lists,” choose “Items.”

Step 2: is to open the item for which you want to modify the saved data.

Step 3: Adjust the required settings in the “Edit Item” window.

Select the “OK” button in step four.

In summary

The extremely user-friendly interface of the QuickBooks inventory management tool makes it a breeze to use. The procedures, as mentioned earlier, assist users in turning on their inventory feature, guiding them through turning it off and allowing them to make changes to the inventory itself. Should you still be unable to resolve inventory-related issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our QuickBooks specialists.

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Is inventory trackable in QuickBooks?

Indeed, inventory management functions are included with every QuickBooks software to make product monitoring and inventory management simple.

Allows Inventory Management in QuickBooks

With QuickBooks’ built-in inventory management software, you can quickly locate items and maintain stock levels. This function monitors inventory, schedules notifications for when you need to replenish, and gathers insightful data about your buying and selling habits. 

Things inventory Cannot Be Done By QuickBooks

The following are a few restrictions on QuickBooks inventory:

  • Issues with managing a chain of distribution points.
  • Stock availability on numerous internet marketplaces needs to be updated in real-time. 
  • Too immature to handle complicated orders.
  • Processing information by hand, using Excel, and committing mistakes are a few instances of ineffective and error-prone methods.
  • Inadequate ability to report.

How to Use QuickBooks Desktop’s Inventory Feature

  • Logging on to inventory is the first step in tracking inventory. 
  • Select “Edit Preferences” from the menu. 
  • Select “Inventory Items” and “Corporate Preferences” after that.
  • Then, to activate inventory, choose the “Checkbox.”

How Can I Stop QuickBooks’ Inventory?

To turn off the inventory feature in QuickBooks, take the following actions:

  • From the “Edit” menu, choose “Preferences.”
  • After selecting “Items & Inventory,” go to the “Company Preferences” page.
  • The “Advanced Inventory Settings” button should be clicked.
  • After that, you can turn off every active feature.
  • In the “Advanced Inventory Settings” section, select “OK.”
  •  Don’t forget to select “OK” in the warning window as well as the “Preferences” menu.

How to Modify QuickBooks Inventory

Users can use the procedure listed below to modify their adjusted inventory inputs:

  • Click on the Gear icon.
  • Then, beneath the Lists section, select Products and Services.
  • On the item, select the Edit option.
  • Select the blue text “Starting value.”
  • A notice stating that this action will alter the item’s beginning value will appear; click Accept.
  • Users must then update the initial amount that is available.
  • Write a note outlining the change in the Memo field.
  • Next, click Save and close to complete the process.

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