How My Brother and I Gained Over 10 Million Followers on TikTok (Organic)

Discover how my brother and I organically gained over 10 million TikTok followers by creating engaging, authentic content.

2022 is the year my brother first heard about TikTok. Someone told us about “TikTok” who gained millions of followers by making scandalous videos on the site. Like everyone around us, we didn’t think much about it at first. I mean, who is confused by websites where teenagers post videos of themselves singing and dancing? Fast forward to 2024, and people and companies alike are starting to realize that TikTok offers something that almost no other social media site can compete with physical abuse.
After a few months of using TikTok, Sai and I immediately saw the potential of the platform. We set out to find the viral algorithm and show why certain videos perform better than most videos on the market. After analyzing effective videos for two months, we started creating content ourselves. First, growth is slow. Our first idea was to create a video lifehack to teach students knowledge in a short time.

These “student tricks” were short videos we posted every day. We knew we had to stay true to our niche and stay consistent. So we did. After almost three months of posting consistent content, we finally started to see progress. We see that participation is increasing day by day. We went from 0 followers to 100,000 in just over three months. And the amazing thing is that one video increased our follower count to 95,000.

That’s when we started to see how TikTok’s growth was working. We realized that only one video was needed for the algorithm to work. When you make your first big break, it’s all about analysis and simulation. Rinse and repeat. After our first viral video, we began to understand why it was so successful. We found a video with an animated sound that we used in the background. We also noticed that this video is straight to the point: no fluff.

Finally, an interesting video that the algorithm has not yet seen has emerged. All these points came together and resulted in millions of people watching and interacting with the video. After following this formula continuously for several months, we completed the algorithm. My brother and I started posting videos that went viral. We chose the things TikTok likes and made videos to achieve them. We’ve signed up five to ten accounts in two years, and each one has over 100,000 followers – lifestyle, facts, gossip, fun stories, iPhone tricks, you name it. In a short time, we had more than 10 million followers on our accounts. That’s when we decided to break up and rewrite our writing. We now run a full-service marketing agency called BuildGen where we help entrepreneurs go viral on TikTok.

So you might be wondering: how can you crack the TikTok algorithm? Well, I’ve broken it down for you so you can get a step-by-step guide to growing more Instagram followers and a few key points my brother and I learned on our trip:

1. Do good things:

Once asıl meseleyle başlamak istedim. What many people don’t do when creating content is stick to one niche. When they start on TikTok, many people post content that is all over the place. They start by posting a few educational videos, then make dance videos in between, and voluntarily include vlogs in their feed. Bu yalnızca sit ünlüyseniz işe yarar. If Logan Paul does it on his TikTok, it can definitely work. If you want to explore TikTok, find a niche and stick to that niche.

2. Stay consistent:

This is as important as doing good. It’s one thing to stick to a post, but it’s equally important to keep posting content. Most people fail to build a following because they don’t stick around. If you aim to publish at least one video per day and follow the other steps outlined here, it will take some time to achieve consistent success. I know it may be difficult for some of you to post every day. Also, try to post at least a few times a week -, but make sure you post every week.

3. Go to the TikTok app:

The great thing about TikTok is that it has more to offer than you think. Once you get involved online, you will quickly see that TikTok offers many content creation tools. You can use voiceovers, add a green screen to your video, and even add custom text and voiceovers. By using the tools offered by a website, you can create content that will attract the attention of your target audience.

4. Share your videos with others:

The best way to know if your content will work is to review it with others. Asking other people if they like your videos is a good way to better understand how your content will perform. Most people can quickly tell if your content is bad. It would be great if you could review it with someone who understands the algorithm well.

5. Don’t give up:

The app is designed as a place to view and share engaging content. So don’t give up. Many people make the mistake of overanalyzing which hashtags to use or when to post them. These are good to know, but it won’t make any difference if you don’t follow the steps above. So focus on what’s important, don’t waste it, and you’ll get results eventually.

6. Engaging with Our Audience

Responding to Comments

Interaction is a two-way street. We made a point to respond to comments, fostering a sense of community and appreciation among our followers. This engagement encouraged more interaction, increasing our visibility.

Live Streams

Live streaming allowed us to connect with our audience in real time. We used this feature to answer questions, give shout-outs, and show our personality beyond pre-recorded videos.

User-Generated Content

Encouraging our followers to create content related to our brand helped us build a loyal community. We often featured user-generated content on our profile, showcasing our appreciation and promoting further interaction.

Final Thoughts

Our journey to gaining over 10 million followers on TikTok was a combination of strategic planning, creativity, and genuine engagement with our audience. By understanding the TikTok algorithm, creating high-quality content, leveraging trends, engaging with our audience, analyzing performance, and staying authentic, we were able to achieve remarkable success.

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