How Intel vPro Platform Helps You in Business Operations

intel vpro

The Intel vPro platform is integrated and validated with in-built features for great performance, security, manageability, stability, etc. With this technology, your PC can deliver business-class performance and hardware-enhanced security.

Intel’s hardware shield offers functions that are out of the box, like data protection, hardware-accelerated virtualization, and so on. This Intel vPro technology eliminates the entire class of attacks that evade current software solutions.

Hardware-accelerated virtualization offers the following functions:

  • Foundational Security: It ensures a critical protection base across various platforms. Foundational security emphasizes identity and integrity simultaneously.
  • Software Reliability: Intel offers different hardware platforms with great protection against common and emerging software attacks. So, in systems like Intel core i5 vPro, you can increase efficiency and preserve high performance automatically.This technology also increases the security capabilities of hardware. Intel vPro offers you more layers of verification.
  • Data Protection: The technology offers a legitimate workload with a trusted execution environment in a hardware-isolated climate. Today, security technologies are continuously evolving to help protect virtual machines and operating systems from targeted attacks.

The Intel vPro family of processors offers a range of functionalities:

  • Enhanced Security: It provides security in the form of multi-factor authentication, full disk encryption, and remote secure erase. Security offers room for supply chain transparency and traceability of PC components. Thanks to advanced memory scans and hardware-based support for Windows security services.
  • Great Performance: Thanks to the battery life of vPro processors, which is three times as great as a comparable five-year-old system, Thanks to computing performance, which is 2.5 times as great, and graphics performance, which is 30 times greater.
  • Remote Management of Devices: Intel Active management technology offers remote updating functions with the potential of equipped devices.
  • Intel Hardware-Based Virtualization: Intel vPro processors support hardware-based virtualization, which improves the efficiency and performance of virtual machines, making it easier for businesses to leverage virtualization for server consolidation and resource allocation.
  • Energy Efficiency: vPro includes power management features that allow IT administrators to control PC power settings remotely. This can help reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs in business environments.

The 11th generation Intel vPro platform delivers the highest level of performance and comprehensive hardware based security features. This makes the device unrivalled for any business PC option. You get security enhancements due to the presence of Intel Hardware Shield that doubles up your device’s protection. Intel hardware shield offers in-built hardware enhanced functionalities that help you to protect from any type of cyber or malware attack.

In addition, Intel Transparent Supply Chain allows you to enable the function of traceability and authenticity of a PC for a great peace of mind while working.

  • Malware Resistance: It helps defend against firmware-level attacks and BIOS/UEFI vulnerabilities. These are particularly critical as they can persist even after the OS is reinstalled.
  • Identity and Data Protection: Intel Hardware Shield can assist in protecting sensitive data and credentials stored on the device by preventing unauthorized access at the hardware level.
  • Virtualization Security: For systems that use virtualization technologies, Hardware Shield enhances security by isolating and protecting virtual machines from potential threats.
  • Remote Attestation: This feature allows a remote server to verify the integrity of a device’s hardware and firmware, ensuring that it has not been tampered with or compromised.
  • Enhanced System Stability: By safeguarding firmware and hardware components, Hardware Shield can help improve the overall stability of a system, reducing the likelihood of crashes or unexpected behavior due to security vulnerabilities.
  1. Remote Secure Erase: vPro supports remote secure erase functionality, which allows IT administrators to securely wipe the data on a device remotely, helping protect sensitive information in case a device is lost or stolen.
  2. Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA): Intel EMA is a cloud-based service that integrates with vPro to provide a simplified way to manage and secure vPro-enabled devices across the organization. It offers features like remote provisioning and configuration.

What is vPro Secure?

Thanks, Intel Authenticate (IA) helps Intel update security for vPro. It provides a room to secure devices by locking them for one or only one user. Authentication takes place by using a fingerprint or password protection PIN. Intel’s software guard extensions(sgx) offer security enclaves for application developers.

vPro Mobile Processor Specs:

The Intel vPro processor provides tools and technologies to help your business. This automatically adapts with the ever-changing business world.

Thanks to the 11th Gen Intel core processor, powered by the world’s best business processor. It provides a room for highest performance and most comprehensive security-based functionalities.

Designed for IT and end-user needs:

Today, IT teams are required to perform various support tasks. But their time-consuming challenge is properly handling day-to-day tactical activities. Thanks to Intel core i5 vPro platform-based notebooks and mobile workstations that let you easily manage device deployments.

Improved performance across critical workloads:

  • Up to 18% faster system performance
  • Up to 29% faster media and entertainment
  • Up to 29% more rapid product development
  • Up to 11% faster general operations

Advanced Performance and Collaboration:

Intel processors transform hardware and software efficiency. Simultaneously, this enables business managers to segment their work. This ensures their completion more effectively. It helps create a more immersive work environment.

Intel graphics has in-built support technology, which is available in high-resolution monitors.

Integrated Thunderbolt Technology:

This technology helps employees in boosting their productivity. Thunderbolt technology allows them to quickly charge their devices or connect to any data or display device smoothly.

Comprehensive Security:

The 11th Gen Intel vPro platform-based processors with Intel Hardware Shield offer enhanced full-stack security features.

It helps in delivering data and device protection. This is available for all sizes.

Let’s explore the hardware-based security features of the Intel platform.

Hardware shields deliver an excellent level of protection for increasing business productivity. It includes:

  • Advanced threat detection
  • Application and data protection
  • Below-the-OS security

Bottom Line:

Intel vPro offers a range of benefits to companies, such as enhanced security, great performance, remote management of devices, etc. With continuous use of this technology, businesses can get an edge over their competitors.

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