History, Benefits, and How to Perform in Hajj and Umrah

History, Benefits, and How to Perform in Hajj and Umrah

Tawaf is an act of circumambulating the Kaaba seven times in an anticlockwise direction pointing towards the black stone. It’s a key pilgrimage ritual that pilgrims perform during Hajj and Umrah. Circling the Kaaba means visiting the house of Allah, expressing humility and devotion, getting in touch with millions of fellow pilgrims, and seeking closeness to Allah.

Performing Tawaf is a dream of every Muslim as it’s a unique experience unlike to any other kind of worship in Islam. However, why performing Tawaf is significant in Islam?

Well, this is a blog post all about the meaning, history, benefits, and the way how to perform Tawaf during Hajj and Umrah. As a bonus, we’ll also share how to find the best cheap Umrah packages to undertake the pilgrimage seamlessly. So, let’s read ahead.

Meaning And History Of Performing Tawaf

Tawaf is one of the common rituals in both Hajj and Umrah that pilgrims need to perform necessarily to fulfill the pilgrimage rightly. If you are interested in planning the pilgrimage to Mecca, consider cheap Umrah packages as your best option to organize the whole journey details all in one place.

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In the Islamic context of pilgrimage rituals, performing Tawaf is an act of walking around the Kaaba in an anticlockwise direction seven times in a circle starting and ending at the designation of black stone.

In ancient times, people also used to perform Tawaf around the Kaaba according to their intended beliefs even before the advent of Islam. However, Islam makes performing Tawaf obligatory for pilgrims while focusing on the modesty of pilgrims and their devotion to Allah.

The deeper meanings of Tawaf are all about completing religious duty together with fellow pilgrims, expressing humility and devotion, accepting simplicity, and seeking closeness to Allah.

The Benefits Of Performing Tawaf

Why Tawaf is a key ritual of both Umrah and Hajj has a reason as it’s a deeply spiritual experience for Muslims. It’s an act of circling the Kaaba while reciting Talbiyah and remembering Allah that makes the connection of pilgrims with Allah stronger. Performing Tawaf is also a symbol of unity and simplicity that highly encourages the feelings of pilgrims of their belonging to a diverse Muslim community.

The holy Prophet had said that one who performs Tawaf of the Kaaba from the heart with devotion, will erase all of the previous sins and also elevate one’s spiritual status. Moreover, as Tawaf is a mandatory practice of both pilgrimages, the completion and acceptance of Tawaf is a source of acceptance of the whole pilgrimage and getting enhanced divine blessings hereafter.

To facilitate pilgrims on the way and help them focus on performing Tawaf, cheap Umrah packages also offer guidance about how to navigate crowds of pilgrims and go right. The 10 Nights 3 star Umrah package also brings the same comfort for budget-conscious pilgrims so that they can also get better value for money.

How To Perform Tawaf In Hajj And Umrah

Performing Tawaf begins with making a pure intention to perform Tawaf for either Umrah or Hajj. Make sure you are in the state of Ihram and have a wudu before starting with Tawaf. To begin Tawaf, locate yourself in front of the black stone designated in one of the four walls of the Kaaba and make sure it’s on the right side of you.

Start walking in an anticlockwise direction while reciting Talbiyah and specific supplications for Hajj until you complete seven circles around the Kaaba. End your Tawaf at the point from where you get a start and perform two Rak’ahs prayers at Maqam e Ibrahim.

Performing Tawaf for Umrah is also similar to Hajj except you have to make the intention of performing Tawaf for Umrah and recite supplications related to Umrah pilgrimage.

During Tawaf, you may encounter bigger crowds of fellow pilgrims also performing Tawaf, so you need to be patient and respectful to others. It reflects your humble personality that elevates your character.

Similarly, there are chances that you may be distracted in the crowd, so focus on your movements, stay vigilant about your position, and complete the Tawaf focusing on the remembrance of Allah.


Doing Tawaf is a highly significant and mandatory act of worship of both hajj and Umrah that replicates the Tawaf of angels who circumambulate the throne of Allah in the sky. It involves circling the Kaaba, touching or kissing the black stone, reciting Talbiyah, and expressing gratitude and submission to Allah.

With cheap Umrah packages, you can easily plan your spiritual trip to Mecca and fulfill your spiritual duty seamlessly. However, the 10 Nights 3 star Umrah package is the best option to go with if you are shorter on budget as well as have a tight schedule to follow.

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