Do Older Children Get the Benefit of Online Quran Classes UK?

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In the last few years, the world of education has experienced major changes due to the rise of online education platforms. This has not only had an impact on mainstream education but has also affected religious education, specifically Quranic studies within the United Kingdom. The accessibility of Online Quran classes UK has created the opportunity for children of all ages to conveniently access religious education. However, the question remains what benefits do older children get from online Quran courses across the UK? In this article, we will examine the benefits and challenges associated with online Quran classes UK for children of older age in the UK and examine the effects on their spiritual development and identity as well as learning.

The rise of online Quran-based classes:

  • Before we get into the advantages and drawbacks that come with online Quran classes for children older it is important to be aware of the growth of this new trend. Online Quran classes UK are becoming more well-known in the UK due to several reasons. The first is the ease of access and convenience of online classes have made it simpler for families to make sure their children are receiving Quranic instruction without the requirement to physically attend a madrassa or a mosque. This is especially true for parents with busy schedules, or who live in areas that are remote and have restricted availability of traditional Islamic schools.
  • Additionally, the age of technology has made it simpler for students to be connected with highly qualified Quran teachers from all over the globe. This means that students in the UK can access an array of teachers, each with their own distinct teaching styles and skills which improves general quality Quranic education.
  • Additionally, it is worth noting that the COVID-19 epidemic accelerated the use of online learning in every aspect of education such as religious studies. The demise of traditional places of worship during the epidemic made it necessary for many families and institutions to quickly adapt to online platforms. This resulted in a rapid increase in appreciation of the online Quran classes.

The benefits of online Quran Classes for older Children:

Flexible and convenient:

Flexibility and Convenience: One of the major benefits that web-based Quran classes for children older than can be the flexibility that they give. The older children are often juggling more schedules that include school, extracurricular activities, and social obligations. Online classes let them customize their Quranic study around their other commitments which makes it easier for them to pursue their religious studies.

Access to Instructors:

Online Quran courses in the UK offer access to a wide range of highly qualified Quran instructors. This variety ensures that children have instructors who fit with their style of learning and who can meet the specific needs of their students. The possibility of switching instructors in the event of need is easier in an online environment.

Safety and comfort:

Some children, visiting places of worship may be uncomfortable or uncomfortable. Online Quran classes offer a safe and comfortable learning space, which is particularly helpful for children of a certain age who might be shy or nervous about attending a mosque, or madrasa.

Individualized learning:

Online Quran classes typically provide an individualized method of learning. Instructors can modify their methods of teaching to meet the needs and abilities of every student. This method of teaching can be especially effective for children who might have different levels of Quranic knowledge.

Digital resources Digital Resources: 

Online Quran classes generally use digital resources, such as Quran videos, apps, as well as interactive materials that could enhance learning. Older children are usually more technologically adept and benefit from these tools, which can make their Quranic study more engaging and engaging.

Participation of Parents:

Online Quran classes usually encourage greater parent involvement in the process of learning. Parents can easily track the progress of their children, talk with teachers, and take part in the child’s religious education as well as fostering a greater feeling of community and family.

The challenges of online Quran classes for older Children:

Although online Quran classes can provide many benefits, they do pose certain difficulties, particularly for older children:

Insufficient Physical interaction:

The online classes could lack the physical interaction and social aspects that are associated with attending madrassas or mosques. Older children may not feel the spirit of community and camaraderie which is found in traditional religions.


Older children might be more prone to distractions when they study on the Internet. With access to the internet, it isn’t easy to remain focused on Quranic lessons.

Technological barriers: 

Older children might not have access to the required technology or a reliable internet connection which limits their participation at classes online Quran classes.


The online learning process requires more discipline and self-control. The older children have to take on responsibility for their education which could be difficult for students who have difficulty managing their time and motivational skills.

Limited physical activity:

The experience of attending the mosque or madrassa usually requires physical activity, such as sitting, standing, and reading the Quran loudly. Online classes might not have physical activities, thereby hindering learning, particularly for children of older age who have an active approach.

Cultural and social concerns:

Some parents or children may be concerned about the preservation of traditional cultural as well as social norms in an internet-based Quranic educational setting. They might be concerned that online classes don’t have the richness of culture and social interaction that is found in traditional schools.

The balance between Traditional and Online Quran Education:

To overcome these issues To address these issues, it is vital to find a balance between online and traditional Quran education. Even though online Quran classes provide a variety of benefits, they cannot totally replace attendance at religious establishments, especially for older children.

Hybrid approaches:

A lot of religious institutions across the UK are adopting hybrid methods which combine in-person and online learning. This lets older children benefit from the benefits of online courses while attending physical gatherings for prayers, and community and cultural events.

Enhancing Online Learning: 

Online Quran classes are great additions to traditional schooling. Older children may attend physical classes to gain social and cultural enrichment. They can also take online classes to strengthen their Quranic studies and gain exposure to various methods of teaching and different perspectives.

Parental guidance:

Parents play an essential role in helping children of a certain age overcome the difficulties that come with online Quran education. They provide the required framework, guide their children’s progress, and promote self-control in their children’s academic development.

Social Engagement Community Engagement: 

Online Quran classes can be integrated into community activities and events to ensure that children of a certain age stay connected with their local cultural as well as religious community. This may help to address concerns regarding the possible separation that online classes can cause.


The online Quran classes have resulted in an important change in the way that older children in the UK receive religious education. They allow flexibility, access to skilled instructors, as well as individualized learning experiences that are beneficial to children’s spiritual growth, development of their cultural identity, and education. However, they have challenges due to the absence of interaction with others, distractions, and technological obstacles.

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