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The Hospitality sector in India has once again shown its utter determination to bounce back after the pandemic. The post Covid performance of the hospitality sector is phenomenal. The industry has quickly adapted to new processes and systems post pandemic to ensure safety and hygiene for guests. UEI Global, a Top Hotel Management Institute in Agra, ensures that its students are groomed with this attitude of positivity and flexibility to change.

The recent covid-19 pandemic was a test for all hospitality professionals and they certainly came out with flying colours. This was possible only because of industry’s ability to adapt and evolve quickly.

Some of the amenities and facilities which came into practice during and post pandemic in Hotel Rooms are listed as under. 

Contactless Service– Minimising or completely eliminating physical touch points has been a  critical focus areas since hotels opened there doors post pandemic. Automated sensor based doors; automated tapes and lighting system have been introduced. Many hotels invested in automated in room amenities control system. Hotels have upgraded guest room guide to a digital format to make it easier for the guests and staff to use. All the information required by the guests in room is available by a touch of Finger like room service menu and restaurant recommendation. UEI Global, best hotel management institute in Agra, ensures that its students are trained in all these new features in hotel rooms.

Sanitized Sticker– “Sanitised and sealed for your safety” This sticker has become a mark of trust amongst hotel guests. This was a genuine effort from hospitality professionals to instill confidence in guests, post Covid. Hotels practice disinfecting rooms in three stages.

  1. Misting machine are used with appropriate chemicals and the room is sealed for two hours. 
  2. Bath rooms are steam cleaned. High touch points and  surfaces  in rooms are disinfected with appropriate disinfectant. This is now part of standard practice.
  3.  An ozoniser is placed for 20 Minutes with the timer to sanitize the room.

UEI Global, a top hotel management institute in Agra, Trivandrum, Lucknow, Jaipur, Pune, Chandigarh and Delhi ensures that their students are updated on these new practices during hotel visits and practical sessions. 

Post pandemic hotel rooms are now equipped with purifier and deodoriser which can purify and deodorise the air.

Sustainability– Some believe that pandemic has given us an opportunity to re shape and re build. Already the world has seen reduction in Nitrogen dioxide emissions in China, The crystal clear water of Venice and in India Lowest average level of Nitrogen dioxide in pollution ever recorded during the lock down. Amongst the best Hotel Management Colleges in Agra, UEI Global believes in instilling practices that leads to waste reduction, water management and optimal usage of available resources without over wastage. Most hotels have now removed miniature toiletries and installed bulk containers.

UEI Global, the best Hotel Management College in Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Trivandrum, Pune, Lucknow and Delhi, is training Hospitality leaders for ensuring a brighter tomorrow for not just the Hospitality sector, but also generations to come.

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