A Complete Handbook on ATS Resume Parser: What All to Know?

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Paraphrasing the resumes is a crucial task for the company. But, it is none less than an enormous struggle. Summarizing a resume may take a huge amount of time, especially for those resumes that are lengthy. Thanks to ATS resume parser tools, the recruiter can summarize the resumes within seconds. 

An ATS resume parser is nothing less than a boon for large-scale recruiters. In fact, the parser tool is present in most of the applicant tracking systems of the company. This resume parser tool easily summarizes and shortens the resumes for the employer. Hence, in this blog, we will go through the various aspects of resume parsing with the help of the following subheads:

  • What is resume parsing? 
  • How does the resume parser work?
  • In what way does the resume parsing help the recruiter?
  • How can you make the resume parser work more efficiently? 
  • Challenges faced while parsing the resumes

So, stay tuned and scroll below to learn more about what resume parsing is.  

What is resume parsing? 

Resume parsing is a process where data and information are extracted from the resume with the help of technology. Thus, the work of an ATS resume parser can be defined in three words: extract, arrange, and save. Extraction includes identifying the important content in the resume. This can include the name, email, contact number, educational qualification, skill set, and other similar information.

Arrangement includes putting the information in an easy-to-read structure. For instance, putting the name and qualifications of the candidate at the top. This helps the recruiter understand the important information in one glance. Saving means saving the structured resume into the applicant tracking system’s database. If it is an individual Applicant tracking system usa resume parser, it saves the data in the company’s device.

Therefore, this is what resume parsing is. Now, let us look at how a resume parser works. 

How does a resume parser work? 

Most of the applicant tracking systems are included with an ATS resume parser tool. Therefore, the resume parsing tool in the ATS structures the resume information in a smart and easy-to-read way. This happens through the following steps: 


First, the recruiter needs to input the document into the tool. This document can be in any format that is PDF or Word. This step is the basis of this process. 


The second step involves eliminating all the unnecessary elements of the resume. This can include images, tables, graphics, and other elements. As a result, this step makes the document ready for the next step of resume parsing. 


In the third step, the ATS resume parser breaks down the complex sentences into simpler versions that are easy to understand. This way, it helps the parser tool to identify the relevant information easily and in less time.


The fourth step is to use an algorithm to collect the relevant information from the simplified resume. This is the primary step of the ATS resume parser. Here, the relevant information like name, contact, education, experience, and other details are picked by the parsing tool. 


In the fifth step, the resume parser makes use of several techniques like word matching and pattern recognition to identify and extract useful information. 


In the sixth step, the ATS resume parser structures the data in a particular format. This well-structured format is easy to read and analyze for the recruiter.  


The final step is the output. Here, the tool gives the structured resume as an output to the recruiter. This output is saved in the ATS system if the tool is included in the ATS. Otherwise, it is saved in the computer’s database. 

The above-mentioned steps explain the working of the resume parser. Let’s take a look at how resume parsing helps the recruiter. 

In what way does the resume parsing help the recruiter? 

A recruiter benefits in multiple ways from the use of good ATS tools, especially the resume parser. It helps the recruiter to make better decisions for the company as well as reduce their own stress. The recruiter benefits in the following ways:

Quick data processing

The ATS resume parsing analyses the data in the resume with great speed. Moreover, summarizing the resume manually can take a huge turn on the recruiter. It can take a lot of time. The resume parsing tool makes it possible to summarize the resume within minutes. It can easily handle lengthy resumes and shorten them within minutes. 

Flawless results 

Many times, parsing the resume manually can lead to human errors. The employee may note a wrong piece of information, which might lead to nuisance. Thanks to the ATS resume parser, the data in a resume can be scanned and noted flawlessly with near-zero errors. 

Automated process

If you have a good applicant tracking system like Pitch N Hire, you need not worry about putting the resume in the tool separately. Most of the top ATS systems have an included resume parse tool. You just need to insert your resume in the software and rest assured. The ATS software will work for you automatically. 


The ATS resume parser keeps the resumes organized. This way, the recruiter knows when and how a particular candidate applied for the post. It also organizes according to the post for which the candidates have applied. The recruiter need not search everywhere for a specific application. It is right before their eyes, systematically. 

Here, we have seen the benefits of using resume parsing. Let us look at how you can use it more effectively.

How can you make the resume parser work more efficiently?

You can surely increase the efficiency of your ATS resume parser by using various tricks. One trick is to become more familiar with the tool. Also, try to adjust to the working of the resume parsing tool. Understand how it works on various formats and documents. 

Another way is to double-check the ATS system. When the density of applications is very low, the software automatically rejects many of them as it is made for a large amount of resumes. So, try to double-check the applications. 

The above subhead explains how you can increase the efficiency of your resume parser. Let’s take a look at the challenges you might face while using an ATS resume parser. 

What are the challenges faced while resume parsing?

One difficulty that you might face while resume parsing is in analyzing the writing. Most of the ATS resume parser tools in the USA can understand English, No matter how difficult it is. The question arises in the writing style. Let’s suppose one candidate wrote the date as 09/06/2023 and another wrote it as  06/09/2023. Now, is it the ninth of June or the sixth of September? is a big question. 

This was just an example. Additionally, there may arise multiple such difficulties leading to confusion about the software, too. What can you do in such situations? You can easily check the suspicious content from the resume. Of course, you can remove this content too. However this might take a minute, but the ATS resume parser will shorten it more efficiently.  


Resume parsing has become an inevitable part of screening resumes. Every large-scale company prefers doing so for better results. An ATS resume parser allows the recruiter to clear his thoughts. The recruiter only has to do the important job and not waste his time on clerical jobs. This is the reason why this tool is gaining popularity in the USA so rapidly.

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