Epoxy Flooring is the Toughest and Most Durable

Epoxy coatings are among the toughest and most durable flooring options on the market, featuring exceptional resistance against chemicals, heavy equipment and impact damage.

An epoxy floor is easy to maintain, eliminating the need for additional lighting which saves on energy costs and reduces dust and cement particles which can be hazardous to health.


Epoxy flooring stands out as an extremely durable choice, ideal for garages, industrial workspaces and RAF bases alike. It stands up well against sudden impacts, moisture seepage, slippages and high temperatures to withstand damage without suffering permanent blemishes or chippings.

Epoxy floor coatings also resist stains, saving both time and money by eliminating the need to spend time scrubbing floors to maintain them. A quick sweep or mop should suffice to maintain your epoxy floors’ great looks – plus since epoxy isn’t porous it won’t absorb chemical spills either!

Epoxy floors provide another advantage to businesses: safety for all. You can add an anti-slip coating for areas that experience high foot or machinery traffic to prevent accidents from happening and keep business operations running smoothly.

Epoxy flooring provides another eco-friendly benefit. Without toxic substances or fossil fuels in its composition, epoxy stands as an eco-friendly choice compared with other flooring solutions which may contain hazardous substances or petroleum-derived components.

Epoxy can be tailored to fit your specific needs, with its range of colours and textures allowing you to find something suitable for any space in your home or business. Installation is quick and affordable too – not only that but its long-term savings may even surpass other types of flooring solutions!

Easy to Clean

Epoxy flooring is ideal for areas that need regular cleaning. It’s simple to sweep, vacuum, mop, and use walk-behind floor scrubbers equipped with soft mop pads to keep floors tidy; mild dish soap such as Crystal Simple Green can even be safely used on an epoxy floor without harming its integrity.

Always place a welcome mat at each entrance to trap any dirt, dust or debris that would otherwise enter the room. Additionally, it’s essential that you hose or vacuum the floor regularly in order to make sure any chemicals that might be present have been eliminated; always use soft brush attachment on vacuum or hose in order to avoid scratching epoxy flooring surfaces.

If there is a chemical spill, act quickly to mop it up to avoid staining and discoloration to the floor. Also keeping neutralizing agents on hand would allow you to neutralize chemicals before washing them away in order to stop any potential reactions from taking place.

Epoxy resins are resistant to most chemicals, oils and solvents found in laboratories and manufacturing plants; making them perfect for applications where frequent moisture or water spillage occurs – such as shower stalls, public bathrooms and pool decks.

Maintain a clean and safe environment for employees or patrons by regularly sanitizing these areas with mild soap, non-abrasive commercial cleaner or neutralizing agent to stop bacteria, mold and fungus growth that could potentially endanger health and wellbeing. To keep employees or patrons from any potential health hazards.

Low Maintenance

Epoxy floor coatings stand out from other options because they do not contain pores or crevices that harbor dirt, making it easy for cleaning crews to keep your business premises spotlessly clean – potentially saving on cleaning costs for the long run.

Epoxy floors can be customized to display your company logo or team colors, creating a distinct and visually appealing environment for employees and customers. This feature is especially important in stadiums and arenas which must accommodate large crowds during events; additionally, their reflective surface helps reduce lighting needs.

Epoxy flooring provides stadiums and arenas with another major benefit – durability. Heavy equipment, foot traffic and spills can damage other kinds of flooring easily; but epoxy stands up well under these circumstances, helping reduce repair and replacement costs as well as downtime costs.

Epoxy flooring can also be utilized in concession areas that experience frequent spills and stains. Due to its non-porous nature, epoxy coating protects floors from food or beverage spills from staining the flooring surface and saves your business both time and money in terms of cleaning costs. Furthermore, customization features enable specific sections that reflect each concession stand’s offering of food or beverages.

When selecting the ideal floor type for your stadium, arena, or concession area it is vital that you consult a professional concrete contractor. They use specialized tools and equipment to prep the surface of the concrete to ensure its surface is free from dirt, debris and contaminants that might prevent an epoxy coating from adhering properly. They will also identify problem areas such as cracks or deterioration before providing advice regarding necessary repairs.

Easy to Apply

Epoxy coating provides an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to upgrade concrete floors without the hassle and expense of replacing floor tiles or linoleum tiles – providing long-term, attractive surface that can easily fit in with any color scheme.

One-part epoxy may suffice for interior surfaces with minimal traffic and moisture exposure; however, garage or shop floors would benefit greatly from two-part epoxy made up of 100% solids. Water-based epoxies provide an acceptable compromise between these extremes; being easier to apply while more durable than one-part epoxies.

Epoxy floor coatings are extremely resilient and designed to withstand heavy use without fading or yellowing over time – unlike many cheaper commercial and residential paints that may yellow with time. Furthermore, their thick layer resists staining from automotive chemicals like oil and brake fluid that frequently find their way into these spaces.

Epoxy flooring’s main advantage lies in its improved traction. While tile and linoleum surfaces tend to be slippery, epoxy provides greater safety. The reflective properties of its surface can illuminate a space without adding extra lights – saving energy costs in the process.

An epoxy floor is an attractive way to give any room some added sparkle, whether that’s your living room, home office or garage. Easy maintenance with regular sweeping and vacuuming as well as stain-removing solutions provide additional polish to this choice. For an eye-catching effect add decorative mica or quartz chips into the epoxy mixture to give an intense speckled effect and increase traction on your surface.


Epoxy floors offer many advantages for any design or style of room, including garage or office floors. You can mold them to create modern looks in both of these settings while simultaneously brightening any dark corners. Plus, their wide array of colors and patterns means you can find something suitable to your space perfectly – be it marbled effects or intricate motifs!

Once you’ve created your unique pattern, the next step should be mixing and applying an epoxy mixture. When mixing epoxy it is important to take extreme caution while following manufacturer’s instructions closely as wet epoxy can cause severe burns if it comes into contact with skin; use safety goggles when working! Additionally, before coating a concrete floor it’s recommended that it is thoroughly swept and vacuumed, to remove dirt, dust or debris that might affect adhesion of epoxy coating to concrete surface and ensure an ideal adhesion between coating and concrete surface surface that allows adhesion between these surfaces and epoxy will adhere appropriately once coated by epoxy coating system.

Once your epoxy has set and hardened for several days, you can begin using it immediately. Not only will it be durable and long-term; you’ll also appreciate its beautiful aesthetic addition to your space.

Epoxy flooring is an attractive and practical choice for many homes and businesses, offering long-term durability with easy maintenance. Ideal for use in sports arenas and locker rooms due to its resistance against chemicals and heavy foot traffic, epoxy can also be customized to fit the specific needs of each space while providing an eye-catching professional appearance that will leave visitors and customers impressed.

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