Cabinet Refacing in Mississauga: Giving Your Kitchen a Budget-Friendly Makeover

Cabinet Refacing in Mississauga: Giving Your Kitchen a Budget-Friendly Makeover

Renovating a house can be expensive. And add the cost of kitchen renovation to it, and the total cost is bound to transcend all your budgetary restraints. Replacing kitchen cabinets can be exceptionally expensive, with the total cost mounting up to as much as $30,000! 

So does that mean you should give up on your dream of having a dream kitchen? Absolutely not! Renovating your kitchen cabinets does not always mean ripping the old ones out and installing new, more expensive ones in place. Instead, it can be as simple as refacing or repainting them! 

So if you are in Mississauga looking for a budget-friendly method to give your kitchen cabinets a new look, cabinet refacing is the right fit for you. This renovation option costs as little as a quarter of the total cabinet replacement cost, yet yields similar results. 

And you do not have to reface your cabinets yourself! It can be as simple as choosing the best company for cabinet refacing in Mississauga and letting them work their magic to reform your kitchen. 

So what is this magic cabinet renovation process, and is it as budget-friendly as it seems? Let’s delve into the world of cabinet refacing to explore answers!

What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Simply speaking, cabinet refacing is a renovation process that can give your kitchen cabinets a complete makeover on the outside without touching them on the inside. You can think of it as a facelift for your cabinets that can make them look fresher, newer, and better than before. But refacing targets only the exterior of cabinets, while the internal structure remains the same. 

Cabinet refacing is an elaborate process, and typically includes the following operations: 

  • Replacing or fixing cabinet doors and drawer fronts 
  • Installing new handles and knobs or repairing old ones 
  • Repainting, replacing, or fixing the external structure of cabinets 
  • Fixing or replacing door hinges with better “soft-close” hinges 

But cabinet refacing does not end here. You can personalize these steps according to your preferences and the requirements of your kitchen cabinets. It is possible to include more steps for a better look, such as repainting your cabinets’ interior and fixing or repairing slide hardware or drawer boxes. 

Cabinet Refacing: Is It The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?

No matter how inexpensive and efficient cabinet refacing may be, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before deciding to take this process on. Since cabinet refacing only targets the external structure of cabinets, it cannot do anything for your internal cabinetry. So if your kitchen cabinets are old and worn-out, or have sustained serious structural damage over the years, cabinet refacing is not the right fit for you. 

Imagine this scenario: you come home after working out in the gym, wear new clothes, put on some makeup, and set out for a party. Would the makeup and new clothes cover up the need for a shower? Absolutely not! Refacing damaged cabinets is quite the same. Embellishing the external structure will bring you no good if the interior is damaged, but will rather throw your money down the drain. 

Even if cabinet refacing seems more affordable than cabinet replacement, the latter is the right choice for cabinets with internal damage. You can reface such cabinets if you want, but that would not solve your problem and waste your money as well. 

Cabinet refacing works like a charm for cabinets that are worn out, scratched, or damaged only on the outside. The right refacing job can give them a complete makeover, completely changing the look of your kitchen. 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: Is This Affordable Process Worth It?

Cabinet refacing is absolutely worth it! It is an especially feasible solution if you satisfy the following conditions: 

  1. If you are on a tight kitchen renovation budget 
  2. If you are thinking of getting a partial kitchen renovation 
  3. If you like your existing kitchen cabinet layout and structure but not their visual appeal 

Essentially, cabinet refacing is the best option for kitchens that are quite outdated but still fully functional as far as their structures are concerned. So if you think your cabinets’ color, drawer fronts, handles, and edges are your only problem, refacing is the solution. 

Tips On Cutting Down Cabinet Refacing Costs 

Cabinet refacing is a highly affordable process, but there are ways you can make it even more inexpensive. Let’s take a look at these!

  • Make sure you do not settle on the first price quote offered by a company. Ideally, you should take quotes from 6 to 7 different contractors. 
  • You do not necessarily have to replace every single door knob and handle in your kitchen. If they are in good condition, leave them be. 
  • Ask your refacing company for a warranty in case things go south. 
  • Solid wood can be very costly, so it is best to choose solid wood alternatives. 
  • Find cheap hardware stores that do not charge an arm and a leg for supplies. 

Summing Up 

The right kitchen cabinet refacing job can effectively augment the entire visual appeal of your kitchen, quite literally giving it a Cinderella-like makeover. Visit here to related post to learn more tips to keep your kitchen in top-notch condition without splurging!

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