All You Need To Know About Gear Hob Cutters Is Here

Gear Hob Cutters

Previously in the olden days, gear cutting was a very hectic job and it was done by hand many accidents used to happen but nowadays gear cutting is a very optimized sort of thing with advanced technology being available. There is more emphasis on detailing the work. Typically the hob cutters cut the hob in multiple techniques to give it the desired shape and size. The various hob cutters are involute hob cutters, gear hob cutters, spur gear hob cutters, and worm gear hob cutters. etc using Gear Hob Cutters the teeth or the spline of the gear is cut into materials flat or cylindrical according to the cutter type size and shape made.

The series of cuts made by the cutting tool are called hobs. Hob cutting is generally been done in inexpensive ways and it’s done in many hobbing factories and other places. Other hob cutters include micro hob cutters, HSS gear hobbing cutters, etc. The advancement of technology has gifted many more types of hob cutters available in the market nowadays so it is no shortage of excellent and garnished cuts and hobs.

Gear Hobs

The various Gear Hobsmade after cutting the gear are Roller chain sprocket hobs, worm wheel hobs, spline hobs, chamfer hobs, spur helical gear hobs, straight side spline hobs, involute spline hobs, and serration hobs. A hob is a cutting tool used to cut teeth into the workpiece. It is cylindrical in shape with helical cutting teeth. The teeth have grooves that help to cut the hob and do the chip removal. The special gears have special removal techniques.

Most hobs are of single thread but double and triple tread shops are also available in plenty but only in large shops to make more and larger quantity of goods. The multiple tread ones are doing the job more accurately and precisely compared to higher thread ones but more threads give more efficiency but less accuracy to the work. The ear teeth to be cut are custom made as the requirement of the shape and size are many so they are made according to requirement. Generally, the custom-made ones are less have less noise and are more in strength than the usual ones.


Christian Schiele was the first person to patent the hobbing machine in 1856. Back then it was a simple design. The hob cutting tool and gear train were completely visible and open while working. Today there are plenty of museums that showcase older and classical Gear Hobs machines which people used to do in older days manually through hands.

Those days making one gear took hours nowadays thousands of gears are made in a single hour with the latest and most advanced technology. Hobbing is a useful tool in the making of gears; which has its uses are many in almost all the machines we use nowadays like cars, Busses, trains, in some household items also it is used also in bikes. There are many people doing business in hobbing and are profitable to the making of finished products.

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